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DHMS Food Pantry

We are proud to announce the opening of the DHMS Food Pantry, in partnership with Feeding Tampa Bay.  The DHMS Food Pantry will be open on Fridays from 10:30am until 3:30 pm. We will be using online system called Link2Feed. Link2Feed allows us to store your information electronically and make future visits quicker. We will keep your information safe and secure, and we will not share your personal information with anyone outside of network.

Step 1. Please create a profile here:  

Step 2. The system will ask you questions like your name, date of birth, people in your household, race/ethnicity, and other demographic questions.

Step 3. Profile confirmation - you are done! Thank you for completing your registration. You will only have to do this once.

For more information on the DHMS Food Pantry, please visit: or contact Mrs. Amato at

Dunedin Highland Middle Food Pantry

Link to Feed Information Letter

The DHMS Food Pantry will be open Fridays from 10:30-3:30