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Digital Device Distribution and Tech Support for Parents

Digital Device Distribution Update:


UPDATED PROCESS: As we transition from school-based to regional distribution, please follow the following steps should you inquire about obtaining a digital device and/or internet:

  1. Contact your teacher and/ or Principal providing the following information so we can complete a pre-registration form
    1. School Name, Student Name, Contact Phone Number and Request (Device and/or Internet)
  2. Parents will receive a phone call from the Regional Distribution team to set their appointment location and time.
  3. Regional distribution sites will be open on Monday, March 30 and Thursday, April 2 from 8-10 AM or 2-4 PM
  4. In subsequent weeks, Regional sites will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-10 AM or 2-4 PM for device distribution and repairs.




Parent Technology Support:

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Classroom Teacher will help
  2. Classroom teacher will consult with school and/or district tech support contacts
  3. Azalea admin (if we can help)
  4. If solution is not found, parent can call the Tech Help Hotline (588-6060) for support M-F, 8:30 – 3:30pm