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Tigers accepted near and far!

We want to congratulate all our LMIBWS students who applied to and met the stringent requirements for various high school programs around the county.

We also want to thank Ms. Alexander for all her work guiding our 8th graders and helping them be successful in pursuing their academic goals for the future.

Largo High School ExCEL Program

Alejandro A.    Gabriela A.      Mariah B.

Kimber B.       Anthony B.       Shayla B.

Nadia B.         Joseph B.        Julian C.

Kimberly C.    Jared G.           Marvin H.

Landon K.      Christopher K.  Isabella L.

Lincoln L.       Bryce M.          Victoria N.

Nabetse P.     Jose P.             Tekle P.

Addison S.     Nicholas S.       Kyle S.

Daniele T.       Kylee T.            Kadesha W.

Russell W.      Alan W.            Jerrica W.

Largo High School IB Program

Angelina B.       Hayden B.     Jaiden B.     

Aaliyah B.         Justin D.        Kaliaha F.

Jordan H.          Ainesh K.      Penelope L.

Armeda P.         Natalia R.      Satori S.

Benjamin S.      Paul T.           Logan V.

Alina W.             Kledi Z.

Clearwater High School Cambridge Program (AICE)

Nathan D.

Palm Harbor University School Center for Wellness and Medical Program

Isabella B.

Boca Ciega High School Center for Wellness and Medical Program

Myrikal D.

Gibbs High School PCCA Visual Arts Program

Katarina D.

Lakewood High School AMSET Program

Elijah M.

Dunedin High School Architectural Drafting Design Program

Mckenzie S.

Pinellas Park High School Criminal Justice Academy

Jake A.     Stephania C.    Arayah J.

Kania M.   Kimberlyn P.

Pinellas Park High School First Responders Program

D’Nyla W.

Northeast High School Information Technology Program

Sameer A.

Northeast High School AMTC Program

Isaiah B.

Northeast High School Finance Academy

Yadiel H.

Hollins High School Cambridge Program (AICE)

John M.

Hollins High School Entertainment Arts Program

O’marri G.       Cesar O.

Hollins High School Culinary Arts Academy

Mikayla W.

Osceola High School Fundamental Program

Jennifer N.       Vladimir O.        Brianna S.