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November Happenings at The Harbor

November Happenings at The Harbor

By: Sophia Alalof and Iliana Tsolkas- Intro to Journalism Class       

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Veterans Day: Every year we have a Veterans Day assembly to honor the people who fought for our country. We also have the Wall of Remembrance to acknowledge the veterans who are important to the staff and students here at Palm Harbor Middle. The chorus, band, and orchestra students played beautiful music and sung patriotic songs like America the Beautiful and The Star-Spangled Banner, while the whole school watched. We had a beautiful ceremony this year. Thank you for everyone who helped make this ceremony amazing!

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Great American Teach In: This month we had the Great American Teach In! The Great American Teach In allows students to learn about different types of careers and hobbies. This year, students learned about things like exploring escape rooms, how to take care of the elderly, how to sing and act in a play, and so much more! It was amazing to learn about careers and interesting hobbies from people who are professionals! Thank you to everyone who came to share their careers and for Mr. Shay for organizing the event!