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Incoming 6th Graders

Seahawk Summer Camp

Our Seahawk Summer Camp date is Wednesday, July 27th.  All future Seahawks are invited to attend.  Please see the attachment for details. Sixth grade open house will be on August 9th


Math Learning Skills Packet

Our 6th Safety Harbor Middle School Math teachers have created a Math Learning Skills packet of math skills that are required to be successful in all 6th Grade Math Curriculums.  Please note that this packet is meant to reinforce previously taught concepts and will allow students the chance to keep their foundational math skills sharpened for the 22/23 School Year at Safety Harbor Middle School.  All math levels will need to have these skills in their toolbox to be successful in Middle School Mathematics.  There is an optional extension activity for students who are performing at an accelerated level.   6th Grade Math teachers will be collecting the packet, for a grade, during the first week of school in August 2022.  We appreciate your dedication to helping prepare your student for the 22/23 School Year at Safety Harbor Middle School.  If your family would like a printed copy of the Math Learning Skills Packet, it can be picked up in the front office from June 6-June 30th (Monday-Thursday 8:30-2:00 p.m.)

Summer Math Packet

Seahawk Summer Readers! 

Our Safety Harbor Middle School Sixth grade Summer Reading book is:

6th Grade: The Unteachables by Gordon Korman

Students will be given an assignment/assessment based on the contents of the book the first couple weeks of school

Summer Reading List