End of Year Announcement Info

May 11-29 continue Virtual learning on Teams.  If it is your day for material pick up, your teacher will be busy and will not be available on line.  Also, she will be sharing one day during the week prior that she will be going to school to pack up belongs and will not be available virtually.  

When you come during your grade level’s date and time, you will simply STAY in YOUR CAR and drive through the car circle.  When you get to the end of the circle, near the kindergarten pod, you will be handed your child’s belongings in a bag, purchased pictures will be in the bag as well.  Report Cards will not be ready and information will come later about those.  Yearbooks are not here yet, but if they come by then, PTA will work those into the day as well.  If they do not come in time due to slow production caused by COVID we will communicate a solution for you.

Schedule for Student Distribution of materials
•    May 26th 9:30-11:30- Kindergarten 
•    May 26th 1:00-3:00- 1st grade 
•    May 27th 9:30-11:30- 2nd grade 
•    May 27th 1:00-3:00- 3rd grade 
•    May 28th 9:30-11:30- 4th grade 
•    May 28th 1:00-3:00- Siblings 
•    May 29th 5th grade Pick-up and Drive Through Graduation 9:00-9:20-Baker, 9:20-9:40- Kucek, 9:40-10:00 Swinehart, 10:00-10:20- Barker, 10:20-10:40- Rocamora

Organizing exchange of property with students

Please bring your patience as we distribute property.  We will be passing out student belongings while collecting any library books or other school property your child may have checked out prior to the closure of schools.  WE ARE NOT COLLECTING ANY COMPUTERS OR IPADS UNLESS YOU ARE MOVING OUT OF COUNTY OR STATE.

It is important to observe all CDC guidelines respecting social distancing and personal protection equipment (PPE). 
•    All staff members who interact with students will have the appropriate PPE.
•    Students shall stay in their vehicles.
•    Students should make a sign with their name and their teacher’s name printed on the sign for easy identification.  Students should hold their sign against the passenger window as they pull into their pickup location.
•    As the student pulls in their name be radioed to a staff member in the elementary car line.
•    Carts will be used to retrieve returned belongings.  Carts will be pushed to the car and the student can place their returned items on the cart through their car window.  

Please email or call the school if you have questions.