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Largo High School

State Math Champions!


Largo High School       State Math Champions

Over the weekend, the Largo High School Math team of, Jacob Miller, Yosef Nafii, Dhruva Naidu, Jeremy Rutter, Sid Shah, Michael Marcotte, Abhik Tallada, Aidan Wells and sponsors Brian Frasier & Sandra Marcotte, attended the state math competition in Orlando.  Largo competed against more than 1500 of the best math students from over 50 high schools.  In our first year of having a math team, Largo won the state championship in the small school division.  In addition to winning the state championship, the following students earned individual honors

Dhruva Naidu

  • 10th Place Theta Logs and Exponents
  • 13th Place Theta Applications
  • 18th Place Theta Individual

Sid Shah    

  • 1st Place Theta Functions
  • 19th Place Theta Logs and Exponents

Michael Marcotte    

  • 5th Place Alpha Applications
  • 7th Place Alpha Ciphering
  • 9th Place Alpha Individual
  • 11th Place Analytic Geometry
  • 12th Place 2017 PreCalculus Division

Brian Frasier


Largo High School