Dress Code Reminder

Dress Code Announcement – 3/23/2021 


Parents and Families – this announcement is a reminder of the dress code policy at Meadowlawn Middle School for our scholars.  Announcements are being made daily as a reminder.  Please assist your scholars to ensure that they dress appropriately for school. 

1) All shirts and blouses must cover midriff, back, sides and all undergarments.  All shirts, tops and dresses must have sleeves and cover the shoulders.  All pants or shorts must cover undergarments. 

2) Shorts, skirts, divided skirts, dresses, and culottes are allowed but must be mid-thigh length or longer. 

3)  Form fitting spandex type pants/leggings are not allowed unless proper outer garments cover to mid-thigh length or longer. 

4)  Hats and hoods are not to be worn inside the building.