Exam Exemption_Mid-Term Schedule

Exam Exemptions & Exam Schedule

Students can pick up exam exemption forms starting on December 1st in guidance. All exam exemption forms must be completed and returned to guidance by Friday, Dec. 9th at 2:00 pm; no exceptions will be made.


From guidance, students can obtain their approved exam exemption form on December 14th & 15th.


Any student can be exempt from exams as long as they meet the following criteria:


  1. Students do not have five or more absences in any of their classes.
  2. Students must have earned an A or a B for each quarter in the class they are exempting.
  3. Students can be exempt from up to three exams per semester; however, they cannot be exempt from:
  • AP classes
  • Classes with an EOC
  • Dual Enrollment Classes
  • AICE General Paper
  1. If a student is exempt from a first-semester class, they cannot be exempt from the same class 2nd semester.


Click the link below to access a flowchart provided by Pinellas County Schools.


PCS Exam Exemption Flowchart


To access the first semester exam schedule click the link below.

First Semester Exam Schedule