PSAT:   Face to Face students will test on the following days:  9th graders (10/29), 10th graders (10/14), 11th graders who register (10/14).  Testing will begin at the start of 1st period.  9th and 10th grade face to face students do not need to register. 


MyPCS 9th and 10th graders will test on Saturday, 10/17 at 8am.  Families who wish to participate need to complete this OPT IN FORM, please use your students log in information to complete.  Please complete by 9/13.  MyPCS students will test on our campus on 10/17.


MyPCS 11th graders will test on campus on 10/14 starting at 7:25am.


All 11th grade students Face to Face and MyPCS will need to complete the OPT IN FORM to test on 10/14.