Hello Plumb Families,


All of the Spring prepaid orders Vernon Photo received have been printed and are waiting for school to reopen in order to be delivered for distribution. If you'd rather not wait, they've created a form where you can request that your order(s) be mailed home for just $4. If you have multiple students at Plumb, they’re happy to combine them into the same package for the same $4. If you'd like to go that route, simply visit www.VernonPhoto.com/SpringShipping and fill out the form. 


If you would like to see any of the photos (Fall, Spring, Class) Vernon Photo has taken of your child this year, simply go to photos.vernonphoto.com. If you need to get your child's access code, you can go to the tab that says "need an access code?", fill that out, and you will see the code. You may enter more than one student's password if you'd like to view and order for all of your students at once.


If you have any questions regarding photos with Vernon Photo, they are willing to help. Simply visit https://photos.vernonphoto.com/contact and fill out the form. They will respond quickly.


Thank you for your patience and stay well.”