Hello Seahawk Families! Let's Get Ready for Our First Day Of School!


Hello Seahawk Families! Let's Get Ready for Our First Day Of School:

SHMS Welcome Back

SHMS MyPCSOnline Learning

Please Login to Portal to review your child’s schedule
Canvas for PCS students is only accessible through Clever
Have your student login to Clever and from there login to Canvas
6th grade students have their same R2.D2 login credentials as elementary school
Contact your student’s grade level office if your student cannot remember their R2.D2 and password
Keep in Mind Teachers are still in preplanning and not all Canvas pages are live

On the first day of school…

Open the laptop
Login to Clever
Click on Canvas
From the dashboard view “Upcoming Events” on right side of screen
Click on your first meeting ex: “First Period Live Lesson” to join the class.
The same will repeat for each class. 



SHMS Traditional Learning

Have your child login to portal and see their schedule.
Identify their first period teacher.
When looking at the room number, the 1st number (before the dash) is the building number. The number after the dash will tell you which floor (1 is downstairs and 2 is upstairs). The 3-digits after number after the dash is the room number.
If your student is not able to login to Portal, please contact your child’s grade level office.
Please review our School Entrance & Exit Map with your child so they know how to get from their drop off area onto campus.
On the first day of school…

When the bell rings students are expected to report to first period.
If they cannot find their class we will have staff available to help them!
All students will receive a paper copy of their schedule during first period.
Throughout the day our staff will be there to assist students from  class to class!

We look forward to seeing everyone on the first day of school!

Go Seahawks!