Performing Arts Supervisor gets a Surprise!

Moving a teacher's classroom to the online environment is, at the least, challenging for every teacher.  Imagine a performance based class transitioning to online and it can feel impossible. As the supervisor of Pinellas County's 215+ performing arts teachers, Jeanne Reynolds is charged with just that task. How do you move performing arts classes like chorus, band, dance, and theater to the online environment? How do you keep students engaged and excited to make music online without the feeling of togetherness that ensembles create? These and more, are the issues Mrs. Reynolds has had to deal with during this time. While it has been a challenge, as you can see from the banner in her front yard, she has met this challenge head on and provided much more than just resources to her teachers. She has given the support both emotionally and academically to help her teachers meet the challenge. She truly is the best!

Reynold's banner