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pta-committeesCalling all Parents & Teachers!
PTA Committee Volunteers Needed!

It is that time of year to start thinking about the 2016-2017 school year! Please join us in our PTA committees to make next year the best ever at Curlew Creek!
Below are descriptions of the committees and an online sign up form. You can also sign up in the school lobby.
Sign up Sheets with Job Descriptions and committee details will be posted in the lobby. Please take a few moments to review these sheets and consider joining our team! All parents, teachers and staff are welcome! » Print PTA Form / Committee Application
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PTA Board Positions

Specialty Chair Positions:
These Chair positions are considered standing board positions, invited to all Board meetings and also have a vote at each Board meeting. Each position requires a different amount of time and commitment.

County Council:
This position is yearlong and is required to attend the County PTA meetings in the evenings and reports back to the Board any necessary information.

This position is yearlong and is responsible for documenting and organizing all PTA memberships. The Membership Chair also works with the National PTA to secure membership cards and distribute to members. The majority of the time commitment falls in the first few months of the school year.

Committee Positions:
The chair positions work with the board members to plan & work events or programs. Time commitment varies for each committee and range from a month or so to yearlong. Some programs can be done from home and some require the ability to be in the school. Review each chair description for more information.

5th Grade Graduation and Special Events Committee
5th Grade Team projects include creating a Senior class shirt, execute a Senior fundraiser that gives back to the community, take 5th students on an exciting trip to an educational and fun venue, plan Graduation ceremony and make this a memorable year for 5th grade students!

Book Club:
This yearlong commitment requires organizational skills and the ability to come into the school early once a week. This chair will work closely with parent volunteers, students and staff. The book club is open for all 3rd – 5th grade students. This chair also coordinates the annual Book Swap to take place at a designated PTA evening meeting.

This position runs through March & is responsible with coordinating the bowling participants and the bowling alley. Also, the chair needs to be available to attend the bowling events and plan the end of year celebration to take place at the last bowling Friday.

Box Tops:
This yearlong commitment can be done entirely from home. Collecting, counting, and mailing in box tops twice a year along with the monthly collection flyer are required of this position.

Commitment to Character:
This yearlong position requires a minimal monthly time commitment. Responsibilities include preparing parent notification and organizing the awards.

Coyote Carnival:
A committee of teachers and parents supports this position. Organizational skills and the ability to delegate are a requirement to pull together this carnival. Some details include securing vendors, volunteers and promotion of the event.

This position requires organizational skills and an enthusiastic attitude. The fundraiser commitment is about 2 months and will require the ability to come into the school to be involved with distribution of products/prizes.

Halloween Parade:
A minimal time commitment makes this position perfect for someone who wants a small program to coordinate in conjunction with the Fall Book Fair.

This position coordinates the food/drink at Family Fun Nights and coordinates Parent Socials. This yearlong commitment requires a few hours a month.

Labels For Education:
This yearlong commitment can be done entirely from home. Collecting, counting and mailing in labels throughout the year are required of this position. (Campbell’s Soup Labels)

This position has about a two month time commitment. Organizational skills are a requirement to organize a fun run type fundraising event, which includes pep rallies, arranging set up, take down, management of run day event and collection of funds.

Math Superstars:
This yearlong commitment requires organizational skills to get the volunteer graders started at the beginning of the school year. The chair is responsible for monthly follow up with graders. For the most part this position can be done from home with the exception of getting started at the beginning of the year.

This National PTA program celebrates the arts and takes place in the fall. This chair position is a minimal time commitment and requires some organizational skills to get the flyers out and collect entries.

Room Reps:
This is a yearlong commitment that requires most of the work at the beginning of the school year. This position organizes the room reps and keeps the communication with them throughout the year as needed.

School Spirit:
This yearlong commitment is responsible for the ordering, organizing and selling of spirit items. This should be an outgoing, enthusiastic person who will help to promote school spirit.

Teacher Appreciation:
This position has a time commitment of about a month at the end of the school year. A committee should be established in order to divide the task. The week includes a midweek luncheon along with other items as decided by the committee. This program takes place during the school day and it is necessary for members of this committee to be in school during the week.

Teacher Grants:
This position has about a one month time commitment and can be done from home. Organizational skills are a requirement to distribute/collect grant applications from teachers and review with administration to determine grant recipients.

Attends monthly Board meetings to keep our PTA/School website up to date and sends out periodic email newsletters via MailChimp. Ability to navigate in a user-friendly internet based system (WordPress).

This is a yearlong position that requires computer, graphic design and photography skills to put together the school yearbook.