Fuguitt Elementary's Parent Involvement Plan (PIP)

Please see the Parent Involvement Plan in its entirety at the link provided.

Summary of Fuguitt Elementary School

Parent Involvement Plan (PIP)

 Parent Involvement Policy (PIP) for Fuguitt Elementary School states:


Our school Compact and Parent Involvement Plan is jointly developed by parents and other stake holders. In an effort to build the capacity of our parents we will offer Open House/Curriculum Night, Parent Teacher Conferences, Parent Portal Guide, and Parent Workshops. Additionally, our staff will build their capacity by participating in Leader in Me Academy and Building Bridges, in order to create an atmosphere that is conducive to parental involvement and highest student achievement. We also coordinate with other federal programs such as Title I programs, and the Individuals with Disabilities Act.


Each year we review our Compact and Parent Involvement Plan, parent input is essential to this process. Parents will be notified of the review date by the Annual Parent Meeting. We offer flexible meeting times by scheduling meetings in the afternoon, the evening and on Saturdays, in an effort to reach as many parents as possible.


Our Title I Annual Parent Meeting was held on August 20, 2015. During this meeting we discussed the Parent’s Right to Know, What is Title I, the budget, and the importance of parental involvement, curriculum and assessments. We will communicate with parents via Fuguitt’s website, school newsletter, Connect Ed School Messenger, phone calls, emails, parent-teacher conferences, progress reports/report cards, school marquee, parent guides and other informational brochures, and reasonable access to staff and classrooms. We will make every reasonable effort to provide our parents with information in an understandable language and format.


Our complete Parent Involvement Plan (PIP) is located on our website http://www.fuguitt-es.pinellas.k12.fl.us/, at our Title I Parent Station, and you may request a complete copy by contacting Gayle Selak (MTSS Coach).


PIP 2015-16_files.pdf, 186.68 KB; (Last Modified on September 23, 2015)