JHop Staff Outscores Trojans, Lady Trojans


JHT Web Editor


   Though the Trojan and Lady Trojans basketball teams are some of the best in their leagues, they were taken down by the John Hopkins staff on Thursday. In the annual matchup, the staff were victorious over the team comprised of Trojan players, with a final score of 42-37.

    Many students were cheering on their peers, but a large portion of the crowd wanted the teachers to win. The lineup for this year’s staff included Mr. Williams, Mr. McKillup, Carlos Rich, Ms. Jones, and Rashad Etheridge.

    Sixth-grader Jamie Flournoy said that even though they lost, he and the team had a lot of fun.

    “It was a hard game because some were a bit faster than our players,” he said. “They (the team) weren’t mad at losing.”

     Students were invited to watch basketball game if they had good conduct throughout the year and were recognized for displaying IB characteristic traits.

     Sixth-grader Gavin Van Dyke was watching the game in the stands. He thinks the Trojans and Lady Trojans had a lot of missed opportunities.

     “They should have passed more and went up for twos instead of shooting threes,” he said.

     But the game was just for fun, and will not affect either Trojan teams’ record.