Judge For Yourself


JHop Times Staff Writer


    When I first heard that I had to go to John Hopkins, I was terrified. The night before school, I cried because I was scared of going there. When I was in fifth grade at Sawgrass Lake Elementary, the students there were telling me all the bad things about JHop.

   That made me paranoid, so I had my mom walk me to homeroom, which I regret now because that’s really embarrassing.

   After I went into homeroom, I realized that I went into the WRONG homeroom. But I just stayed there. The teacher said it was okay because it was the first day.

   After that I went to my classes, I made some friends, and I guess I was okay with that. Sixth grade year wasn’t so bad. At the end of the year, I met Mia – who turned out to be my best friend. She started riding my bus and we became really close. Even better!

   Seventh grade year was so much better than sixth grade because I actually knew people, so I didn’t have to find myself a table at lunch to sit at. In seventh grade, it actually seemed like a normal year. Mia and I rode the same bus again and we had crazy times. School felt so hard though because I had friends who had so much drama. But I ignored it.

   Eighth grade year was AMAZING. It was so much better than sixth and seventh. I met amazing new people and we became close. I’m going to miss eighth grade year. It’s coming to an end and I’m sad.

   I like John Hopkins.

   It’s nothing like the school I had heard about back in fifth grade.