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Third year's a charm


Third year's a charm

Coach Williams leads the Trojans to a district championship, the first in 15 years.


JHT Web Editor and Staff Writer

     For the first time in more than a decade, the J. Hop Trojans are champions. The boys’ basketball team was victorious this season in no small part to the leadership of Coach Williams.

     “I feel good from a coaching stand point,” said Williams. “You judge from your wins and losses.”

     In his third year here at JHMS, Williams' main goal for the season was to have the boys put academics and good behavior first. With student athletes having more respect for themselves both on and off the court, their confidence was evident in games.

      “I’m really proud of them,” he said. “They have mentally improved and they’ve learned a lot.”

     Prior to coaching the Trojans, Williams gained strategies as a high school basketball coach. Each season he’s been here, the team has improved with more wins. Williams said it was not only hard work but luck that they went so far.

     “I think that he has pushed us harder and motivated us,” said eighth-grader Collis McKenzie.

     Girls’ basketball coach Ms. Forte saw the effort Williams was putting forth to improve his team’s performance.

   “He’s a hardworking coach. It was his time to win,” said Forte. “He worked hard to improve the players’ skills as a collective team.

     Eighth-grader Raymond Perry has been coached by Williams since sixth grade, and feels Williams did a job good at encouraging him and the other players.

     “If you mess up, he’ll make you do it again because he doesn’t want you to give up,” he said.

     With one district title in the books and Coach Williams in control, this may be the beginning of a Trojans dynasty.