Lunch at Largo HS

My School Apps:

Parents will be able to fill out applications online at starting July 30th.  Online application is in English and Spanish. We ask you please encourage parents to fill out lunch forms online.   Parents of students will need to complete an online application for the new 2018-2019 school year.  Student are able to eat off their prior year meal status until September 24th.  On September 25th if the parent has not complete an application for the new school year the student will go to full paid and will have to pay full price for lunch.  My School apps flyer

Paper Lunch Application forms 2018-2019

We will be send a few new 2018-2019 red and white paper application forms to the cafeteria managers.  Those are to only be handed out to parents who cannot do an online application. 

Direct Certification:

Direct Certification letters for the current school year 2018-2019 are being mailed out in the US mail to families before school starts. Students who receive a DC letter for the current school year parents will not need to complete an application form.  The child will qualify for Free meals for the 2018-2019 school year.

My School Bucks:

Parents can start putting money on children’s accounts at they will need their child’s 10 digit local student id number.  My School Bucks flyer