Largo High School Contact Information

Thank you for calling Largo High School.  Our office is closed at this time.  We hope you are well and safe.  Please listen to the entire message so that your call can be directed to the appropriate person who will be able to assist you.

If you are calling regarding medication you may have left in the clinic, please dial 2026.  If you are calling after March 25th, you will not be able to retrieve those meds until we return to full operation.

For registration, please dial 2007.

For LHS scholars whose last names begin with A-I, to reach Mr. Marina, Miss Pellin or Ms. Merricks, please dial 2102.

For IB scholars and scholars with last names beginning with J-Ma, to reach Mr. Liem, Mrs. Wolfe or Ms. Laggner, please dial 2103.

For LHS scholars with last names beginning with Mb-Z, to reach Mrs. Ray, Miss Poggiali or Mrs. Janeda, please dial 2100

For ExCEL scholars, to reach Mr. Green, Miss Fitzjarrald or Ms. Barajas, please dial 2105.

To reach Dr. Finkbiner or Mrs. Jordan, please dial 2005.