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Weekend Update 09-27-20

Hello, Carwise Middle school families.  This is Mr. Eiben, your principal, reaching out with some weekend updates.  I hope everyone is having a restful and relaxing weekend.

This week our 7th and 8th grade students will be taking the Write Score assessment.  This is a writing diagnostic test that will help teachers assess student ability.  This assessment will be occurring during students Language Arts classes.

Also, this week students will take part in our first fire drill of the school year.  This drill will be a little different than in previous years.  We will conduct a staggered evacuation.  This way students will know the evacuation procedures while still ensuring social distancing.

Parents, with so much new technology and multiple ways of contacting teachers, we are asking that you please utilize teacher’s email as the primary method for contact.  We have found that some parents are using Focus messenger, Canvas, and Teams as methods of reaching out.  We hope by just using email as the method of contact we can improve communication with parents.  Thank you so much!

Our Extended Learning Program (ELP) is up and running.  ELP meets Monday and Tuesday after school and Wednesday and Thursday before school in the media center.  Please check out the attached flyer.  We are also in the process of setting up Virtual ELP.  If your child is a MyPCS student and you are interested in Virtual ELP, please use this link ( to provide your child’s information so we can get them signed up.

Parents, please be sure to call or send in a note if your child is absent.  If Traditional students are out sick for a day or two, they will follow the same process as last year and be given make-up work and additional time to complete assignments.  However, if students are required to self-quarantine for 14 days, we will have teachers add them to live lessons, if the teachers have live lessons during their class period.  Thank you!

Last, parents if you child is receiving free/reduced lunch, please be sure that you have re-applied for this school year.  Starting October 6th students will be charged full price if you have not re-applied.  Please see the attached lunch flyer.   This includes a link to apply for free/reduced lunch. 

Thank you again Carwise students, parents, and staff for your continued support.  Have a great Sunday.  Take care!

ELP Flyer GP 1 2020-2021.docx 

Lunch Info.doc 


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