Take Home Computer Distribution Information

NEW Take Home Computer Distribution Information

If you missed our 2 week take home computer opportunity, you can still get a computer or internet service through 5 district regional sites.  You will need to contact Cross Bayou School at 727-547-7834 and ask the secretary to get a message to the staff members that are handling this.

If parents or students are having issues with device operation, you can email Mr. Wirth (wirthr@pcsb.org) or call our school phone number to have our office staff send Mr. Wirth a message to call the family.


The closest one to Cross Bayou is the Administration Building in Downtown Largo or Meadownlawn.  The sites are:

Ozona Service Center

525 Pennsylvania Avenue Palm Harbor 34683

Coachman Service Center

2235 NE Coachman Road Clearwater 33765

District Administration Building

301 4th Street SW Largo 33770

Meadowlawn Service Center

5900 16th Street North St. Petersburg 33703

Title I Office

2499 25th Street South St. Petersburg 33712


If you have an existing device at home, you can use it to access Clever and Microsoft Teams.   Here's how to do it:

  • Go to pcsb.org
  • Click on the Clever logo (the big C on the top left of the page)
  • Click on login with Active Directory
  • It will ask for login email address  (it is your child's username:  r2.d2 with @pcsb.org at the end.  Ex: r2.d2@pcsb.org)
  • It will ask for their password (it is their s. and 8 digit number.  Ex:  s.17008331)
  • You are NOW into Clever.  You will see TEAMS near the bottom to do Virtual Learning with your teacher.

Any existing device that can access Clever and the Internet will work. If you already have such a device and would like Microsoft office (including Teams) on your own personal computer, please visit o365.pcsb.org.  It will ask for a login email.  Use your students login ID (r2.d2) with the @pcsb.org at the end.  Example:  r2.d2@pcsb.org   You will then need to enter the student email address and password (s. #).  Once you are in, you will see the install Office button on the top RIGHT side.  Click it and download for FREE.

The district will be sending out updates every time the student restarts a computer.  The problem is it takes time to hit every computer.  They have only 1 server that can go out of the district firewall, and they said they normally have 135 servers to do that process in the pcsb environment.  If a parent would like to get updates quicker, the district doesn’t mind if you drive and take the school computer to a nearby school and sit in their parking lot.  They should restart and login a couple times to get all the updates.

If you have any concerns or special needs, please contact the school at 547-7834 or email Mr. Wirth at wirthr@pcsb.org and leave a phone number to call you back.  We want to ensure all families have the necessary technology and Internet access to engage in online learning while school is closed.