Ensuring all Azalea M.S. Students Are to Ready to Learn

Detention (1 hour) M/W 4:15pm-5:15pm

Multiple staff members, in highly visible areas will issue detentions to students at the time they see students committing infractions (dress code, profanity, out of area, running, disruptive, etc.). The student will select an upcoming Monday or Wednesday date for the 1 hour from 4:15pm-5:15pm. It is the students’ responsibility to inform the parent that a detention has been assigned. Transportation will be provided. Students who fail to attend or disrupt detention on the date they selected, will automatically be assigned an extra school on the following day of the missed detention. A call to the parent will be made prior to the detention date selected, informing them if the detention is missed Extra School will be the following day. No reason to reschedule.


Extra School (2 hours) T/TH 3:15pm-5:15pm

Students who commit more serious offenses (leaving campus, class disruption, etc.), repeat offenses or fail to serve detention will serve a 2 hour extra school. An afternoon D.N.A. (Do Not Admit) list will be emailed to all teachers every Tuesday and Thursday, instructing them to Do Not Admit the students to class until they have received an all clear pass from the office. Students who fail to attend or disrupt Extra School will be placed on the Do Not Admit list and will be assigned 1 day of ABS (Alternate Bell Schedule) from 12:00pm to 5:15pm. Transportation will be provided


Alternative Bell Schedule (ABS hours) 12:00-5:15pm

Students who commit more serious offenses, repeat offenses or fail to attend/disrupt extra school will receive ABS. A morning D.N.A. list will be sent out instructing teachers to Do Not Admit students to class for those student who have missed the detention/extra school or who have committed other serious offenses. Work will be provided by ABS staff. Disruption in ABS will result in additional days ABS or Out of school suspension.


D.N.A. (Do Not Admit) list

The DNA list will be emailed to all staff, instructing them to send the students to the office who need to be seen by administration. All RTL staff will clear their assign buildings at the designated times. Students who are cleared from the list will be issued an all clear pass and show it to his/her teachers each period that day.


Intervention Center

In order to ensure effective instruction daily, teachers will utilize an established, multiple step, in class intervention process with students who are preventing others from learning or the teacher from teaching. If the interventions are unsuccessful a call for assistance will be made and the student will be sent to the Intervention Center to ensure the teacher can continue instructional momentum and rigorous instruction for all of the students remaining who have the right to learn and is our obligation to teach. The teacher will complete a pass to IC and check 1 period only or referral to follow based on the seriousness of the offense.

Students will sign the IC rules sheet upon entering, and turn in cell phone for the time in the Intervention Center. Violating IC rules will result in a Detention, Extra-School, ABS or Out of School suspension being assigned depending on the seriousness of the incident.

Students will be logged in on Office 365, with the time they left class, time arrived, sending teacher name, offense, one period only or referral to follow, and time exited. Assigned staff can view who is in IC at any time.

Teachers who request a student be removed from their class to the IC room must make and document a parent call in the FOCUS Parent log portal each and every time it is utilized.

Students who repeat disruptive behavior in class, resulting in the necessity to send to IC will receive progressive consequences, beginning with detention, Extra School, ABS and OSS depending on the number and severity of offenses.


Progressive Discipline

Students who commit more serious or repeat offenses will be subject to more serious consequences as a result of the continuous disruptive behavior. Consequences will be up to and including multiple days ABS, OSS and possible Reassignment.


Repeat Misconduct

In order to ensure all teachers can teach and all students have the right to learn in a safe and orderly environment, students who fail to respond to interventions/support and reach or exceed the established criteria (# referrals/ IC visits) will be identified as Repeated Misconducted.

Repeated Misconduct students, along with their parents will sign a behavioral contract outlining the expectations moving forward.

All students who are identified as repeat misconduct, according to the progressive discipline matrix will only receive ABS or OSS as a consequence for any and all infractions (ESE exceptions).

Students who violate the behavioral contract, and continually interfere with the safe and orderly operation of the school and/or continually disrupt the teaching and learning process for others will be referred for reassignment.

Ready To Learn (PDF file)