Ozona Elementary School SAC Meeting Minutes 9/14/20

Ozona Elementary School SAC Meeting Minutes 9/14/20

Date, time, and location of SAC meeting: September 14, 2020

SAC Chair

Principal: Lisa Freeman

Notification of Meeting Facebook, Social Media, Phone calls,

Members present Lisa Freeman, Chantel Begin, Terry Davis-Schully, Jeanine Menze, Marisa Steuer, Katie Tracy, Amanda Guinane, Jordi Tigg, Lynn Collingsworth, Liz Johnson,

Members absent: Steve Marcinek

Guests: N/A

Quorum present? Yes

Welcome Members present

Approval of minutes from last meeting?

Changes to agenda N/A

Agenda item 1 SAC Overview

Agenda item 2 Membership

Agenda item 3 Nominations and Elections

Agenda item 4 School improvement plan reviewed: ELA, Science, Math, Equity and Diversity (Bridging the Gap), PBIS, Attendance, Student with Disabilities, Parent Involvement, Healthy School, Gifted

Agenda item 5 Voted on Chairperson Chantel Begin, Amanda Guinane (will be shared) and Secretary- Lorena Judkins

Agenda item 6 Palm Harbor Library – reviewed activities for children

Public Comment * Parent virtual commitment reviewed, review safety guidelines of face covings and physical distance among students,

Next meeting: date, time, and location October 12, 2020 via zoom

Minutes submitted by Lorena Judkins