Principal Weekly Call Out 11/9/2020

November 9, 2020

Good evening Jaguar Nation this is Principal Wilson at TMFMS. Thank you for a great end to the first nine weeks. 

  • Parents, I am encouraging each of you to please sit down one day a week with your child and have your child log into Portal to show you their grades for each class.  We need your assistance in monitoring the academic success.


  • Beginning in January (3rd -9weeks students will receive demerits for missing assignments and incomplete assignments.  Please remember this is a fundamental policy and we have relaxed this policy for the first two grading periods. 


  • This will also be a notification to parents that students are not turning in assignments.  Please remember after 12 demerits in one course a student may appear before IAC. Please help us in insuring students are completing assignments in a timely fashion. 


  • Also, many parents have missed two or more meetings for our required monthly parent meetings (fundamental policy). Meetings are recorded and are posted on our website for a week for you to view.  There is also a question that you must answer with entering your child's name.  After two missed meetings, you may need to appear before IAC.  Please be sure to review the recordings for meeting credit. If you have any questions, please reach out to the school for information. 


  • November's monthly meeting will be posted on our school website Monday, November 16th. 

Thank you enjoy your evening.