Welcome Back 22-23

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year!

You should be registered for your courses in Focus and have access to courses in Edmentum or Apex. If not, contact Mrs. Sandman @ sandmann@pcsb.org 

The regular bell schedule is as follows:

1st period 7:15-8:15

2nd period 8:17-9:05

3rd period 9:07-9:55

4th period 9:57-10:45
1st Lunch 10:45-11:15/ 5th period 11:17-12:05/

5th period 10:45-11:35/ 2nd Lunch 11:3512:05

6th period12:07-12:55

7th period 12:57-1:45

The Advisory Bell Schedule (Fridays) is as follows

1st period 7:15-7:57

2nd period 8:00-8:42

3rd period 8:45-9:27

4th period 9:30-10:12

1st Lunch 10:12-10:42/ 5th period 10:45-11:27

5th period 10:15-10:57/ 2nd Lunch 10:57-11:27

6th period 11:30-12:12

7th period 12:15-1:00

Advisory 1:00/ Dismissal 1:45

If you have computer issues, you must fill out this form.

Mrs. Sandman will then contact you when she is ready to see you.