Student lessons begin on Monday, March 30.  All students must “check in” to each period of his/her schedule every day- prior to 10:30 am for daily attendance.  A weekly lesson schedule has been provided by your child’s teacher.

In this digital platform students do not need to work with teachers every day.   There is flexibility in the schedule. We understand that students and parents are sharing resources while we all learn to work from home.  Teachers have assigned times that align to the student schedule to answer questions and work with students.  These classes meet on a block type schedule that teachers will post for students.  In the TEAMS channels teachers will be posting presentations, websites to visit and assignments along with due dates for students to upload their work.   

Teachers will be posting grades from graded digital assignments weekly in FOCUS.  Students will want to continue viewing grades for the 4th nine weeks through FOCUS.   



Letter to families of ESE Students