School Supply Lists

School Supply List

Beginning of the school year is right around the corner.  You can view the supply lists in our academics section above.  You can also click here for quick viewing: 

You can also click here for the word document of this list: Supply List.docx


Pre K Wish List

Hand Sanitizer

Liquid hand soap


Ziploc Bags (snack, sandwich, quart, gallon)

Disinfecting wipes (ex. Clorox, Lysol)

Baby wipes

Healthy Snacks: Pretzels, Goldfish, Graham Crackers


Kindergarten Supply List

__Ticonderoga Beginner Pencils

__Fat Pencil

__Composition Books or Spirals (2)

__Glue Sticks (3)

__Headphones  (labeled with your child’s name)

Kindergarten Wish List

Hand Sanitizer


Dry Erase Markers

Crayola Markers

Sheet Protectors

Any Size Ziploc Bags

Healthy Snacks: Pretzels, Goldfish, Graham Crackers


First Grade Supply List

__Box of Pencils

__24 Crayons (no larger than 24)


__Glue Sticks (enough for the year)

__2 Packs of Index Cards

__Dry Erase Markers (black only)

__3 Colored Folders (w/prongs and pockets) (no designs)

__Pencil Box (8 x 5 inch size)

__ Headphones/Earbuds

First Grade Wish List


Ziploc Baggies - any size

Hand Sanitizer

Clorox wipes



Second Grade Supply List

__3 Composition Books - Black Cover

__Glue Sticks


__Plastic 3 Prong Folders - Red, Green, Blue



__ Earbuds/Headphones for Computer

Second Grade Wish List

__Hand Sanitizer

__Clorox Wipes

__Dry Erase Markers - Black





Third Grade Supply List

__5 Glue Sticks

__2 Packages of Lined Loose Leaf Paper

__24 Crayons

__20 #2 Pencils

__3 Composition Books


__3 Three Pronged/Pocketed Folders

__12 Colored Pencils

__ Headphones/Earbuds

Third Grade Wish List



Fourth Grade Supply List

__1 package of #2 pencils

__1 pencils pouch/box

__1 package wide ruled notebook paper

__3 plastic folders w/ pockets/3 prongs (red, blue, green)

__1 pair of scissors (age appropriate)

__1 box of colored pencils

__1 package glue sticks

__1 red / 1 blue wide ruled spiral notebook

__ Headphones/earbuds

Fourth Grade Wish List

Hand sanitizer (12 oz. or larger)

Disinfecting wipes


Baggies (all sizes)

Dry erase markers (black only)

Paper towels


Fifth Grade Supply List

3 packages - wide rule notebook paper


Headphones or Earbuds

2 boxes of tissues

24 #2 pencils

6 glue sticks

1 package of colored pencils

1 package of crayons

1 package of markers

2 yellow highlighters

3 packages of standard size sticky notes

3 packages of 3x5 index cards

1 package of black dry erase markers

1 package of Clorox wipes

Girls bring 1 box of sandwich ziploc baggies; Boys bring 1 box of gallon ziploc baggies

4 two pocket with prong folders (1 of ea SOLID color: yellow, blue, purple, and red)

3 wide rule spiral notebooks (1 of each SOLID color: yellow, blue, and red)

1 – white 1 inch binder with pockets and clear front pocket

5th grade Wish list:                            5th Grade DO NOT Bring

Class snacks                                           Hand held pencil sharpeners

1 bottle of hand sanitizer                         Mechanical pencils

1 bottle of hand soap                              Liquid glue

Pencil pouches (these will be provided by the classroom teacher)