8th Grade Refund Request

Dear DHMS 8th Grade Students and Parents,

As we found ourselves in unfamiliar territory with the challenges of digital learning, we are elated to see everyone participate in pushing to finish the year on a strong positive note.

There were many year-end activities on our calendar. As you know, our 8th grade Gradventure trip to Universal was ultimately cancelled due to Covid 19 / CDC guidelines. Although we must wait until we receive our deposit money back before any refunds are administered, we would like to be proactive and get the paperwork in to speed up the process for you.

Attached is a letter, please click the link below and fill out the bottom of this letter to request a refund for your payment(s) toward the Gradventure trip that was scheduled for May 8, 2020. Complete in full and return via mail or email to chesleyre@pcsb. An announcement will be sent out when we will be able to mail the refund checks to your home. If you do not send in a request, the money will be donated back to the school through our Adopt a School program.

We will continue to keep all our DHMS families up to speed about special procedures regarding the end of year activities that are now being modified to conform with the state and local guidelines through this unprecedented time.

Thank you,

Principal, Michael Vasallo


8th Grade Refund Letter