Clever Issues

Parents: Clever is not loading properly for MANY students due to Focus not being able to communicate the information to Clever (class lists being delayed/not finalized yet in many instances).
If your child is able to login to Focus, just not Clever, please be patient and do not worry about calling to reset your child's password (their username and password work if they are logged into Focus without issue).
Additionally, you can login to Teams WITHOUT going through Clever if the issue persists on Friday during our Meet the Teacher virtual event- Teams has a standalone app and/or you can use the Teams website to download the app or just login via the webpage.
Scholars need to login with their email (make sure to use their actual/unique R2.D2 username in this email address) and their same password when going into the Teams app.
***The image below is what you might see if Clever is not working for you.***