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Thurgood Marshall Fundamental

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    Educating students to become globally competitive in the 21st Century Society.


    The learning community of TMFMS will ensure high student achievement in a safe learning environment to promote citizenship and lifelong learning.


    THURGOOD MARSHALL FUNDAMENTAL MIDDLE SCHOOL opened in a brand new facility in the 2003-2004 school year. As a fundamental school, Thurgood Marshall emphasizes academic excellence, parental involvement, including required parent attendance at monthly meetings, monitoring and signing of homework and support of the fundamental school philosophy. Fundamental school students are expected to complete nightly homework, to show self-discipline and responsibility, and to adhere to a dress code beyond that in a traditional school. Communication between the school and the home is a strong point of a fundamental school. The commitment to education by the student, family and school staff is expected to result in high student achievement. Make Thurgood Marshall your fundamental choice.

    Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle School was founded in 2003 to offer students who live in middle school Attendance Area ‘A’ an alternative educational experience to the one available at traditional middle schools. Thurgood provides programs that emphasize structure, student responsibility, mandatory homework, and parental involvement. This “back to basics” philosophy demands that students take a serious approach to learning and that parents become involved with the school and their child’s education.

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