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Osceola Middle

A School with Fundamental Principles


Congratulations to our TV Production Crew!!

TV Production 2015

 TV Production Girls  TV Production Boys

Animation Category

2nd Place          A301 Osceola Middle

1st Place           Only One Heart, Osceola Middle

Book Trailer Category

3rd Place           No Passengers Beyond This Point, Ali White

2nd Place          Mockingjay, Trent Gaymore

1st Place           I Am the Messenger, Ryan Rivard

Comedy Category

2nd Place           Typical Teenage Thoughts    Emma Nickse, Gayathri Kotha, Mary Cruz

1st Place           How to be a Gentleman         Matthew Molina, Rami Mazouri

Documentary Category

1st Place           TV Production Uncovered     Emma Nickse, Gayathri Kotha, Mary Cruz

Drama Category

1st Place             Dear Diary        Savanna Oppel, Madie Pate, Breanna Stallings, Abdiel Rivera

Instructional Category

2nd Place          The Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram Ali White, Kiara Morrisey, Emma Nickse, Mary Cruz, Breanna Stallings

1st Place           Do’s and Don’ts of Middle School, Savanna Oppel, Sam Askey,

Music Video Category

1st Place               Our Last Goodbye                           

Emma Nickse, Brooke Thrower, Sam Askey, Breanna Stallings, Abdiel Rivera

 AND BEST OF SHOW!!  13 total awards!


Congratulations to Frankee Hendricks for receiving the Jim Courier Award!!


Incoming 6th Grade Parents: Please make sure to get your Portal/Focus User Name and Password as soon as possible! 

You can go to any school with a photo ID to obtain this!  Make sure your child is attached to your user name and password.


Current 6th Grade Parents: Don't forget to schedule your child's physical and to get the required vaccination to enter 7th grade.  You may drop the forms off any time through the rest of the school year or during the summer from 7:30am-3pm Monday through Thursday!


Bus information will not be available until August.  The Transportation department will send home the bus cards with pick up and drop of location and times.  The schools do not have access to this information until the beginning of the school year.


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