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Welcome to Shore Acres Elementary


Where our students are soaring to success!


Important Announcements

  • Drop-off Policy for Student Items
    Starting from day one of the school year the following policies will be in place to limit classroom disruptions:
    • No homework or backpacks may be dropped off by parent in the office after the school day starts.  Students are responsible to bring their homework and backpacks to school with them each day.
    • Bag lunches can be dropped off at the office but only before 9:30 a.m.  If student does not have lunch he/she will eat and then be billed for a school lunch.  All Bag lunches brought to school before 9:30 will be delivered to the café.  We will not accept any bag lunches dropped off after 9:30 a.m.   Students will be able to pick up their bag lunch on a table in the café.  Lunch bags will be identified with the student name and teacher’s name so it will be easy to find.
    • No fast food will be accepted to be dropped off for students at any time during the school day, including their lunch period.  If a parent wants to come in and eat fast food with their child this will be accepted.  


    Thank you for your understanding and for helping us make a consistent, uninterrupted learning environment for our students!
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  •  Headphones and Technology
    We live in an age of technology.  This school year we are using computer-based programs that are very beneficial for highest student achievement including ST Math and I-Station.  I-Station, as well as many typing programs, require students to wear headphones to hear directions.  We are asking that you send headphones, preferably ear buds, to school for your student.  They will be placed in a baggie with their name on it and only used for your student.  We appreciate your help in this matter.  Keep Calm and Compute On!
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Holman's Videos

  • Winner's Bald Eagles -

    Winner's Bald Eagles

    The Scientific Method Song!
    "Have Fun Teaching-Scientific Method Song", sound recording administered by: TuneCore
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