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Eagle Team Parents,
Welcome back to the 2015-2016 school year. Our Eagle Team worked hard over the summer and during the pre-school training weeks to train, study and prepare for your child’s start to a terrific school year. This year our School Improvement Goals in reading, writing, math and science are 70% mastery of FL Standards for ALL students. Together with your help we can accomplish these goals.
Eagle Team parents this year you will receive an Eagle Parent Score Card from your child’s teacher to round the bases attending fun and informative family events about the FL Standards your child will be mastering and how you can support your child’s learning success at school and home.
First Base is a grade level Open House night in September. You will receive your Eagle Parent Score Card at Open House. Your child’s teacher will be giving you more information about this important event. At the Open House you will learn about the FL Standards your child will be mastering, how your child will track their learning progress, the Positive Behavior Plan, the homework plan, the importance of your child’s agenda being a daily interactive communication between school and home, the grading policy and many other important items. Also at Open House you will receive the Title One Compact to read and discuss with your child’s teacher and your child. The compact is an agreement between the student, parent and teacher that as an Eagle Team we will do whatever it takes for your child’s learning success. You will have an opportunity to sign the Title One compact that night! Open House is a Base you don’t want to miss!
Second Base is a Title One School-wide Parent Conference Day on October 19th from 7:35-3:00pm
Eagle Team parents Second Base is a MUST BE THERE!! Your child’s teacher will schedule a one-on-one conference to review your child’s data and school work planning next steps for your child’s mastery of the FL Standards. You will be receiving your conference date and time.
Eagle Team parents we can’t do this hard work of educating your child without your help. YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT MEMBER ON YOUR CHILD’S EAGLE LEARNING TEAM.
If you have any questions, concerns or ideas please call or e-mail me. We also have a parent mailbox in the front office with note cards if you would like to mail your questions, concerns or ideas.
Thank you!
Love wins,
Suzanne Hester

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