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  • Lakewood Yearbook and Senior Dues

    Yearbooks are $80 for a certain amount of time. If you wish to buy a yearbook bring cash or a check made out to Lakewood High School to room C-100.

    For the class of 2017, senior fees are currently $105 for the remainder of 2016, but if you wait until January of 2017, they will be $125. Remember, you cannot go to certain events without your senior dues! To pay them, you need to go to room B104, and speak to Ms. Santiago.










  • Spotlights



    ELP for students who need assistance will occur in B103 every Tuesday through Thursday


    Information Regarding Zika Virus

    The health of students and staff in Pinellas County is a top concern. If you wish to know more ways to be careful against the Zika virus, please click the link below and read the information listed.

    Please click here.




    Office 365 for All Lakewood Students                    

    Office 365 Logo

    Microsoft Office 365 is now available to all students to use FREE at school, home, or anywhere in the world.

    Please click here for student login instuctions.






    QUARTER 2:

    Parents, please keep in mind that the quarter is going to go by extremely quickly. Please check your child’s Portal regularly to help us make sure our students are staying focused on their academic progress each and every day.



    Parents, just a reminder that attendance notes are to be turned in within 48 hours of a student’s absence and each student is allowed 5 parent's notes per grading period.  After the 5th absence, a doctor’s note is required for illnesses.



    Parents, effectively immediately there is to be no student drop off, pick up or parking in the Blessed Trinity Church parking lot. Student drop off and pick up is either on 16th Street, in front of the CAT building, or on 54th Avenue, in front of the school. Also, please drop your student off on the South side of 54th Avenue, closest to the school to prevent them from having to cross extra lanes of traffic.



    Please be advised that we are having an increased amount of students losing their cell phones due to theft as well as individual carelessness. Please remind your student that personal cell phones are to be powered off and put away during the school day. Students are allowed to use their cell phone during lunch, however, Lakewood High School does not bear the responsibility for lost or stolen cell phones.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school at 727.893.2916.


Dress Code

Dear Parents,  

The Lakewood HS students and staff are proud of our modified dress code. It helps create an environment conducive to lifelong learners; we thank you for your assistance. We will continue this great partnership to enforce the rules and policies of our school. A student's appearance can positively or negatively impact the climate of a school. We want to ensure safety, security and maintain a healthy learning environment as well as create a sense of community and encourage pride in our school. Students must adhere to the Lakewood HS modified dress code requirements as listed in the table below:  Click here to download Dress Code PDF.


LWHS Female: 

LWHS Male: 


•    Lakewood only T-shirts 

•   Oxford or Polo solid colors only (logo no 
    larger than a quarter) NO RED

•   NO holes, rips or cuts allowed 

•   Solid long or short sleeved collared shirts 
    with buttons ( no stripes or patterns); 

•    Lakewood only T-shirts 
•    Oxford or Polo solid colors only (logo no
     larger than a quarter) NO RED 
•   NO holes, rips or cuts allowed 
•   Solid long or short sleeved collared shirts 
    with buttons (no stripes or patterns); 


•    Blue jeans (blue only) long or short

•     Khaki pants (tan only) long or short 

•     Navy (blue) Khaki pants long or short 
•     Pants and shorts must be worn at
      waist level 
•     All shorts must be Knee length 
•     NO holes, rips or cuts allowed 

•    Blue jeans (blue only) long or short 
•     Khaki pants (tan only) long or short 
•     Navy (blue) Khaki pants long or short 
•     Pants and shorts must be worn at waist
      level with belt.  
•     All shorts must be Knee length  

•     NO holes, rips or cuts allowed 


•      Hoodies (Lakewood only) 
      zipped down or button style jackets

•     Hats are not allowed to be worn on 

•      Hoodies (Lakewood only) 
      zipped down or button style jackets 
•      Hats are not allowed to be worn on 

Our Mission

  • The mission of Lakewood High School is to prepare our students to be successful and adaptable in a dynamic world.


A Day Schedule (Periods 1,3,5, and 7)
1st Period: 7:05am - 8:40am
3rd Period: 8:45am - 10:20am
5th Period: 10:50am - 12:25pm
7th Period: 12:30pm - 2:05pm
B Day Schedule  (Periods 2,4,6, and 8)
2nd Period: 7:05am - 8:40am
4th Period: 8:45am - 10:20am
6th Period: 10:50am - 12:25pm
8th Period: 12:30pm - 2:05pm  

Senior Info



Lakewood High Class of 2016

Upcoming Events

Spartan logo         Senior fees are now being collected. For the remainder of 2016, they are at the discounted price of $105. During 2017 they will be $125.

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Peachjar eflyers