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East Lake High School

East Lake High School

School Information

1300 Silver Eagle Drive

Tarpon Springs , Florida 34688

Office: (727)942-5419

Fax: (727)942-5441

Directions to East Lake High School


Lauren Hahn Chosen for 2015 Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders in Boston, MA


Lauren Hahn, a Junior at East Lake High School of Oldsmar has been nominated to attend the Congress of Future Science and Tecnology Leaders in Boston, MA on June 28th - June 30th, 2015. The Congress is an honors-only program for high school students who are passionate about science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM).

Congratulations to our 2014-2015 Vals and Sals

Congratulations to the 2014-2015 Vals and Sals

Traditional Val: Richard Caputo

Engineering Val: Daniel Rosato

Traditional Sal: Jaclyn Price

Engineering Sal : Drew Leonard

Vals/Sals1 Vals/Sals2

Graduation Information

Graduation is  June 3rd at 2:30 at Tropicana Field

For more information on graduation click here


Updated Exam Schedule

The county has decided that Tuesday, June 2th will be a 2 hour Early Release Day. To view the new exam schedule click here

State Math FSA-EOC Information

For information on the Math FSA and Eoc click here

Summer Bridge

Click here for updated information on Summer Bridge program.

Pinellas County School Volunteers

Any Volunteers, or anyone looking to volunteer for Pinellas County Schools needs to go through the Fingerprinting / Background Screening.

Click here for more information

Click here for the procedures form for fingerprinting

Senior Survey

Senior -- You must complete your Senior Survey no later than May 21,2015. This is required for graduation. Therefore, it needs to be completed before you pick up your cap and gown at the Senior Assembly. The survey is very short and will only take you a few minutes. You can do this by.....

1. Logging into your FOCUS account

2. Clicking on Counselor Connect which can be found near the bottom of your home page ( if you dont see this, Look for Learning resources, and there should be a link for it)

3. Finding the pop up that informs you of the survey you need to take

4. Submitting when you are done

You do not need to notify anyone of the completion since the school will also have a record of it. Thank you for your time!

2015/16 Swimming and Diving Annual Registration/Information Meeting

Please join us at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, 7/28/15, for th East Lake High School Swimming and Diving Registration/Information Meeting in the school gymnasium. Whether yuou are just interested in imrpoving your swimming or diving or you want to compete at a high school level, everyone is welcome and encouraged to be part of the team. training sessions usually begin 2 weeks before classes start, so do miss it! More information about ELHS swimming and diving team can be found at Click Here.

Ryan Nece Foundations Leadership Opportunities

 East Lake sophomores if you are looking for leadership opportunities, the Ryan Nece Foundation is a great one! The deadline to apply is May 15th, which is quickly approaching. If you are interested you can apply at   .This is an fantastic way to get involved in the community and one hat is highly recommended by your counselors.

Take the Exceptional Student Education annual parent survey

The annual Exceptional Student Education parent survey conducted by the Florida Department of Education is underway through Sunday, May 31. The survey gives parents of students receiving special education services the opportunity to provide feedback  on their school involvement and provide comments on their child's school. This type of parent input is critical in determining if the district will meet the requirements for the state's Annual Performance Report. The parent survey is available online at or To request a hard copy of the survey, contact Marty Massimo, FDLRS Parent Service Specialist at or 793-2723 x2043

Credit Recovery

Need to make up credits this summer?

We are offering Credit Recovery at East Lake High School

June 8 through July 23

 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 12:00PM to 3:00PM

Also offered June 16 through July 23

Literacy Support Program

For students in 10th and 11th grade

who have not passed the state assessment test for reading

Algebra I Boot Camp

8th graders who need assistance with math

Algebra I EOC

For 9th, 10th, and 11th graders who have not passed the Algebra I EOC.

Registration for the programs is located on the

Pinellas County Schools Website at under Student Reservation System

Walking Fee

Starting 3/9 Walking Fee increases to $35 any student who still needs to pay can bring the money to Mrs. A Dorrier in 3245 or Mrs. Hynes in 9209. Mrs.Novak in Guidance is willing to collect finds from any off ampus student.

Upcoming Testing Dates

May Testing Dates: 4th-5th Algebra EOC Testing; 6th-8th FCAT Reading, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry make up; 11th Biology EOC Testing; 12th-15th Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry , Biology make up; 18th US History EOC; 19th-22th US History EOC make up


Florida Standard Assessment

For information on the Florida Standard Assessment testing click here

2015-2016 Curriculum

For the 2015-2016 Curriculum part1 click here

For the 2015-2016 Curriculum part 2 click here

Graduation Walking Fee

 1/20-1/30 in the Cafeteria -$30 by Cash, money order, or check (account number must be printed on the check along with with an address)

 2/17-2/20 in the Cafeteria -$30 by Cash, money order, or check (account number must be printed on the check along with with an address)

 Starting 3/2 any student who has not yet paid can bring the money to Mrs. A.Dorrier in room 3245 or Mrs.Hynes 9209

 Starting 5/4 Walking Fee Increases to $35 any student who still needs to pay can bring the money to Mrs. A.Dorrier in room 3245 or Mrs. Hynes in 9209

Semester Grade Calculations 2014-15

Click Here

Pinellas County Coach of the Year

TIM O'KEEFE - Girls Swimming

PCS Family Engagement Mobile APP

In a continued effort to keep families engaged, the district Office of Strategic Partnerships has developed a Family Engagement Mobile App. The PCS Family Engagament Mobile App will provide parents access to extended classroom opportunities, family engagement tips and opportunities and parent "How To" videos. There will also be information about parent workshop schedules, parent peer support, and information that will support student Learning and School improvemnt. For more information click here 

Parking Permit

Students may download the student parking permit form here. Please make sure a parent signs the form and bring proof of insurance and car registration. Regular parking permits are $5 and senior parking spot cost an additional $10. Cash only

Attention Parents

Now you can find all school updates on East Lake official Facebook and Twitter pages.

Address Verification Pinellas county

Pinellas County Schools is implementing a new address-verification procedure. The process will ensure that all parents receive timely information about important topics, including emergencies, transportation, scheduling and school placements.

Pinellas County Coaches of the Year

Pinellas County Coaches of the year:

Timothy O'Keefe - Girls Swimming

Bob Hudson - Football

John Despota - Girls Soccer

Dave Smith - Girls Cross County

Joe Marzo - Wrestling

About ELHS

East Lake High School, one of 17 high schools in the Pinellas County school sysytem, is on of the most recently constructed high schools in Pinellas County. It is situated in a suburban-type community of north Pinellas County. East Lake High School currently serves more than 2,000 students from the communities of Tarpon Springs, East Lake, Palm Harbor, and Oldsmar.

Built in 1986, the nine-building complex is located on the west side of East Lake Road, south of Keystone Road. Designed for flexibility, economy, and adaptability, the individual units, including the three two-story classroom buildings and an administrative building with the media center over it, are connected by covered walkways. The remaining five buildings are a 1,500-seat gymnasium, a theatre that accomodates 886 people, choral, band and keyboard rooms and support facility units including food services and mechanical backup. Seventy percent of all light comes from natural outside sources. East Lake is also unique in its building design to include a Child Care Center available to faculty and community.

The Curriculum is designed to be broad and deep enough in scope to provide for a wide range of student interests and abilities. Offerings for the college-bound students include honors and Advanced Placement courses, dual enrollment with St. Petersburg College and executive internship training. Vocational programs available include business, drafting, and family and consumer science. On-the-job training is available through the Diversified Cooperative Training Programs. Special needs students are met through the High School Education Alternatives Program of classes and exceptional education (ESE) programs. Expanded offerings in art, drama, and music serve to meet special interests of students. The ever-expanding world of technology is becoming a cital part of all curriculum areas.

Accepting Responsibility as future community leaders, many student groups continue their academic efforts by participationg in community service projects. Environmental and beautification projects have been a continual source of service to the campus and the community. Art students exhibited personal works at local community centers. The National Honor Society membership has grown to be the largest chapter in Pinellas County.

East Lake High School is also fortunate to have community and business participation om ots collaboration for excellence. Members, students, parents and business/community partners comprise the School Advisory Council. Staff members at East Lake High School continues to work under the philosophy developed when the school opened, recognizing their responsibility to the students and to the community. Their commitment to a student-centered learning environment is evident in the successful efforts of teachers and counselors to increase student performance and make learning relevant. From developing a vocational/ career guidance program to the teaching of technology, the staff works to help students help students reach maximum potential. East Lake High continue to believe that parents, educators, students and the community shall and will shrare the respinsibility for learning.