Meet the Editors


    Camila Romero

    Camila Romero

    I am the Editor-In-Chief of SNN. I decided to apply because journalism has been that place that helps my creativity and hardworking skills to flourish. This year I will work hard to maintain the quality of our newspaper and work toward improvement. One fun fact about myself is that in my country (Cuba), the only people that have my second last name - Cherone - are my family.

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  • Angel Laclaustra
    Angel Laclaustra
    I am the Opinion Editor. I decided to apply to be the opinion editor because I’m a very opinionated person and I like arguing. I also feel like Lakewood students like to complain but don’t really have a platform to do so and I’m hoping I can provide that for those who are trying to make the school a more bearable place. I lived in Mexico for 13 years and I speak fluent English and Spanish. I am learning three others, Portuguese, Italian and French.

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  • Torrence Ruffin
    Torrence Ruffin
    I am the Multimedia Editor for SNN and I want to help my peers understand the fun behind the field. I can spread skills and techniques that I have learned that make videos better. A fun fact about me is that I’m infatuated with animals and when I’m not playing my games or working out, I’m watching videos about them.

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  • Vivian Manon
    Vivian Manon
    I am the Chief Photographer. The reason I applied for this position is because I love to take photos. They can tell a story, sometimes better than words can and that is what I like about it. A fun fact about me is that I have two beta fish named Viktor and Kevin.

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  • Lincoln Rosenthal
    Lincoln Rosenthal
    Oh, I didn’t see you there… Hi, I’m the assistant chief photographer. I applied for my position because I love photography. I think I can speak to people through my photography and bring out emotions that they can’t access. Something people don’t know about me is that I used to be short.

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  • Cristin Thomas
    Cristin Thomas
    I am the Entertainment Editor. I applied for my position because I love to share my opinion about things I have an interest in, and SNN has been a great outlet for that. A fun fact about me is that I’m part Cherokee.

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  • Davario Campbell
    Davario Campbell
    To me, SNN is a family. I remember last year, back in Journalism 1, editors would come together and work tirelessly to achieve their goal - whether the print newspaper, the website or the yearbook. I found that amazing and decided to contribute in some way. Being a Web Editor is new to me, and I found it interesting; thus, why I applied. One interesting thing about myself is that I’ve had many near-death experiences, the majority being in Jamaica.

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  • Malkolm Belfor
    Malkolm Belfor
    I’m a senior and I’m the News Editor. I wanted to be an editor because I wanted a bigger role in the program I was a part of. I take pride in our newspaper especially because of the accolades it receives and I find joy in winning individual awards for the work I put into the newspaper. I originally applied for Editor in Chief, that’s your fun fact for the year.

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  • Gabby Sliwoski
    Gabby Sliwoski
    Gabrielle Sliwoski, a junior at Lakewood High School is the Chief Photographer. She has been in journalism for three years now. Sliwoski likes journalism because she gets to go do active projects in and outside of school, it teaches you how important the news is and it is a lot of fun to take pictures of people. Apart from doing journalism Sliwoski is also on the swim team. She joined the team because she wanted to be a part of something important in the school. Her plan after high school is to go to college and get her bachelor’s degree.

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  • Tyler Graham
    Tyler Graham
    I am a business manager. I applied for this job because I have good rapport with my classmates and that leads to a good relationship whenever I take on the responsibility of business manager.  I have exceptional public speaking skills. I also have no allergies.


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  • Diana Rosenthal
    Diana Rosenthal
    I’m a Sports Editor for SNN. The reason for me applying for this position is because all last year I wrote a ton of sports stories and even took pictures. Now I am the plug for your sports news. One fun fact about me is I’m competitive in everything I do. Even in making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


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  • Julianna Raymond
    Julianna Raymond
    I am Copy Chief. I applied for this position because I like finding and fixing writing mistakes. I even try to correct people when they are talking or texting me. A fun fact about me is that I am double jointed in my fingers.


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  • Zhanarria Mohogany
    Zhanarria Mohogany
    I am the fashion editor. I applied for this position because I wanted to start doing something that involved the field of fashion. I also applied because it’s my senior year and I wanted to try something new. Some fun facts: I love art and music and the color blue. And I’m a fun person to be around!


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