School Supply List (K-5)

  • Parents are encouraged to provide a supply box/kit for your child to use in the classroom and another art/PE supply box/kit to use during art/PE.  

    All have the name clearly written. Thank you! - (Please scroll down to check)

                Pre - K3

    To share with the class:

    1. 2 pk Clorox disinfectant wipes

    2. 2 bottles hand sanitizer

    3. 1 pk hand wipes ( anti- bacterial)

    4. 1 box tissues

    5. 1 black and white composition book

    6. 1 box - quater size ziplock bags

    7. 1 box - 2-3 gallon ziplock bags ( found at Dollar Tree)

    For your child

    1. Change of clothes : Shirt, pants, underpants, socks

    2. Towel/ Blanket for nap. This will be returned every Friday for washing

    3. Diapers ( if you child is not toilet trained)

    4. Diaper wipes ( if your child is not toilet trained)

    5. 1 pk  - 8 count Triangle pencils

    6. 1 pk  - 8 count Triangle crayons

    7. 1 pk  - 8 count Triangle markers

    8. 1 bottle Elmer's glue ( clear, glitter or transparent colored)

    9. Drinking cup with a lid ( please put your child's name on it)

    If you cannpt find triangle writing tools, please buy jumbo or large writing tools.

       VPK ( 4 years old )

    1. Mask to be worn upon entering campus; extra clean one in backpack

    2. Full size backpack

    3. Blanket for rest time

    4. Plastic shoe box with lid to store individual supplies

    5. Refillable spill proff water bottles

    6. Box of crayons

    7. Glue sticks

    8. Bottle of white glue

    9. Washable markers

    10. Dry erase markers

    11. Colored pencils

    12. Individual containers of play dough

    13. Children's blunt tip scissors

    14. Pump bottle of hand sanitizer


    1. Backpack and water bottle ( non-leaking)

    2. Full set of clothes

    3. Pencil box containing

    4. Lanyard

    5. Headphones in labeled ziplock

    6. 2 glue sticks

    7. Scissors

    8. Crayons 16 counts

    9. 2 erasers

    10. Dry eraser markers

    11. Sharpies

    12. Tissues

    13. Hand sanitizer

    14. Clorox wipes

    15. Lysol spray

    16. Various size ziplock bags

    17. Paper plates: plain white larger and small

           1st Grade

    1.  Face mask that cover nose and mouth, as well as an additional mask in packback

    2. Lanyard for face mask ( students will need to wear it around their neck while eating lunch)

    3. 1 large box of Kleenex

    4. Clorox cleaning wipes

    5. Can of Lysol spray

    6. Hand soap

    7. Waterless sanitizer ( no personal size bottles please)

    8. 2 packages of #2 pencils ( Ticonderoga or USA make preferred)

    9. 1 package of Pink Pearl Erasers and 1 package of pencil top erasers

    10. 2 boxes of crayons ( 16 or 24 count)

    11. 1 pair of Fiskas type metal scissors

    12. 4 plastics folders with 2 pockets and 3 prongs

    13. 4 or 5 glue sticks ( no white glue bottles)

    14. 1 plastic school supply box ( 8.6 x 5.8 inches sixe only please)

    15. 1 pack of black Expo dry eraser markers - thin point preferred ( for student use )

    16. 1 inch durable hardcover binder ( cannot be any larger than 1 inch)

    17. 1 set of ear buds or headphones ( to be used in computer lab and classroom)

    18. Hefty Slider or Ziplock brand bags ( 2.5 gallon size for book baggies

    19. 1 backpack ( no wheels)

    * Wish List:

    Roll of paper towels

    Extra Kleenex


    Hefty Slider or Ziplock brand bags ( quart, snack, gallon sizes)

    Extra glue sticks

    Extra dry eraser markers

    Ream of colored paper

             2nd Grade

    1. A Minimum of 2 masks

    2. Hand sanitizer

    3. Box of 24 crayons

    4. Pack of 20 pencils

    5. Scissors

    6. 2 large glue sticks

    7. Colored pencils

    8. Page protectors 1 package

    9. 3 folders

    10. Ruler

    11. One ream of computer paper

    12. Washable markers

    13. Box of tissues

    14. Clorox or other form of bleach wipes

    15. Erasers

    16. Dry eraser markers

    17. Personal headphones.

           3rd Grade

    1. Backpack ( no wheels)

    2. 2 binders  (1.5 in. - 3 rings - heavy duty )

    3. 4 packages of pencils #2 - Ticonderoga recommended

    4. A pencil box or poch ( no smaller than 4"x8")

    5. 4 Elmer's glue sticks ( Large size)

    6. A box of crayons or color pencils ( 24 count limit)

    7. A pair of scissors ( Fiskars recommended)

    8. 2 large boxes of tissues

    9. A bottle of soap

    10. A bottle of hand sanitizer

    11. 2 Clorox wipe containers

    12. A Lanyard with a clip ( for name tad and to hold mask when eating)

    13. A pair of personal earbud or headphones for computer use

    Please be sure that two pencils, one glue stick, scissors and crayons/ colored pencils fit easily inside the Pencil Box or Pouch purchased.

    Students are required to wear mask to school each day. In Additiona, student need to have  one clean mask in a baggy their backback as a back-up 

         4th Grade

    1. Lanyard ( for name tag and mask while eating)

    2. Ear buds

    3. Face mask ( will need to be worn everyday)

    4. A plastic pencil box ( easy to disinfect and for storage since students will not be sharing supplies)

    5. Pencils - yellow #2

    6. 5 composition journals

    7. 4 folders with 3 prongs

    8. glue sticks

    9. color pencils

    10. Black dry eraser markers

    11. Individual pencil sharpener

    12. Index cards

    13. A pack of skinny highlighters ( multiple colors).

    14. Ziplock baggies ( any sizes to help with sanitation)

    15. Tissues

    16. Bottle of hand soap

    17. Water bottle ( this will also be used for P.E. Students will not have access to water fountains). 

            5th Grade

    1. Lanyard

    2. Ear buds ( Dollar Tree is fine).

    3. Pencil pouch

    4. Student scissors

    5. 4 packs of yellow # 2 pencils

    6. A pack of color pencil

    7. 4 packs of wide ruled paper

    8. 6 glue sticks

    9. A pack of dry eraser markers

    10. Hand sanitizer

    11. 2 boxes of tissues

    12. Clorox wipes

         For Art ( K-2)



    Pencil sharpener


    Washable markers

    Black Sharpie Markers ( 1st & 2nd Grade)

    Glue stick


    Supply box or carrying case

    Extra option for 1st and 2nd : Watercolor set with brush

         For Art (3-5)



    Pencil sharpener


    Washable markers

    2 Black Sharpie Markers

    Colored pecils

    Watercolor set with Brush

    Glue sticks



    Supply box or carrying case

          For PE

    Closed toed shoes preferably tennis shoes that tie or fasten

    Water bottle with name clearly written on it

    Hat if desired


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    Passo 5”    

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