Principal Letter

  • Hello Skyview Families,

    Welcome! Your Eagle Team staff have been working hard and “smart” to plan and prepare an amazing school year for your child.

    This year we have five goals to achieve for your child’s learning success. You are the most important person on our Eagle Team staff…OUR EAGLE FAMILIES. Without you our Eagle Team staff won’t succeed.

    Goal One: Student proficiency of 70% and beyond in all core subjects: Reading, Writing, Math, and Science

    Goal Two: All students will read independently in class for 20 minutes or more and at home for    homework for 30 minutes or more.

    Goal Three: All students will read 15 or more books for the school year 2016-2017. Kindergarten and First grade students will be read to or will read by themselves when they are able.

    Goal Four: Attend Today: Achieve Tomorrow: All students will be on time and at school every day unless running fever or throwing-up: Our attendance goal is an average student daily attendance of 95%

    Goal Five: All Eagle Team families will volunteer a minimum of 20 hours…please sign up with Bianca Melendez, our Family Community Liaison at 727-547-7857 or come to the front office

    These are lofty goals for our Eagle Team staff, students and families to reach for and achieve.

    Let’s get started! Together we CAN for your child’s learning success!

    Love wins,

    Suzanne Hester, Principal

Skyview Eagle News

  • Our Vision : 100% Student Success.

    Our Mission : Educate each student for grade level proficiency and beyond in preparation for middle school by cultivating a high achieving team of Eagle LEARNERS through commitment, collaboration and cooperation.


    Official School  Hours:

    · Monday—Friday 8:35 AM—2:35 PM

    · Breakfast Served from 8:00 to 8:25      

    · Classrooms Open 8:15

    · Announcements 8:25

    · Instruction Begins promptly at 8:35AM


    Important Dates for  March/April 2017:

    2/22 - 24: Collect Jog-a-thon Donation

    3/20 : No School for students
    4/13-17 : Spring Break

    Individual highlight

    Visiting Procedures       2

    1st Day Packet             2

    Dismissal                      2

    Medicine                       2

    Cell Phones                  2

    PTA                              2

    Bullying                        3

    Commitment to

    Character                      3

    Volunteers                    3

    Attendance                   3

    Dress code                    3


    First day packets

    You received a first day packet on the first day of school.  Please return the following items as soon as possible.

    Clinic Card- We must have a current emergency card. Please update your information as it changes.

    Insurance Information- Use this form to purchase the insurance online.  If you do not have    access to a computer, the office will help you purchase the   insurance.  For only $6.00 per year, it can help you pay any medical expenses if your child gets hurt at school or on the school bus.

    Code of Conduct Form –Review with your child and return this important document. (Signature page)


                                       IMPORTANT :   Cell Phone Policy 


    If you feel that your child needs to bring a cell phone to school, he/she must keep it turned off and in their back packs once they arrive on campus.  There is never a time during the school day when your child would need access to their phone.  We have procedures in place for contacting parents in an emergency.  If a student is found with their cell phone on campus during school hours they will receive one warning to follow procedure.  After that, you will be notified that your child is no longer allowed to bring their phone to school. 


    Please make sure to let us know if your address and phone number have changed.  It is very important that we are able to contact you in the event that your child is sick and/or hurt .



     Welcome Back to the New School Year!

                     A reminder to all parents/guardians of Pinellas County Schools’ policy regarding students who take   medications during school hours.   Although we encourage parents /guardians to     develop a schedule minimizing or     eliminating taking medications at school, we realize there are instances when some medications must be taken during school hours.

    The following guidelines must be     followed if your child needs to take medication at school:

     1.  Medications must be delivered to school’s clinic by parent/guardian.     Students may not carry medication to, from or during school.

    2.  Medications (prescription and over-the –counter) must be in the original        pharmacy bottle with original label stating student’s name, medication, dose and instructions.

    3.  Prescription Medications- Requires Blue Card (PCS form 1876A) to be    completed and signed by parent/guardian.  Blue Cards are available in the clinic or front office.

    4. Over-the-Counter MedicationsRequires a health care provider order which includes:

    Student Name, Medication Name Specific Dosage and Time, Signature of doctor and phone #.

    Visiting procedures

    For our students’ safety, we require all visitors to show identification and receive a visitors pass at the front office. Our fence will permit visitors to enter through the front office only.   Identification must be presented from 7:30 AM—3:30 PM for  every visit to our campus.

     Visitors must wear school issued identification at all times, including breakfast, conferences and lunch.                Furthermore, while we welcome your participation in your child’s education, we ask that visits with our teachers be scheduled in advance to avoid           disruption of instruction and scheduling issues. Thank you for your cooperation in making Skyview a safe place to learn.



      Car riders must be picked up in the car circle only.  Students that are car riders will be dismissed at exactly 2:35 PM in the car circle.  Please note that there is a separate car circle for Kindergarten students.

     The children's’ safety is our top priority.  Please, be patient and pick up your student in the car   circle.

    Dismissal Times: Students may not be signed out after 2:15 PM during school hours.  Please call before 2:15 PM if there is a change regarding your child’s way home.  We ask you to avoid scheduling appointments for your child during the school day to avoid learning disruption.


     Our outstanding teachers are dedicated to our students and to the goal of having them reach their highest level of academic achievement. Our teachers are all certified by the state of Florida and are qualified to teach the core academic subjects they are assigned. In addition, they attend professional development designed to keep them current with the best strategies to help our students achieve.  The following teacher is  considered out of field for ESOL while working towards this endorsement.

                                                                     A very special Thank You to the  Optimist Club for donating to

                                                                    Lealman Elementary Clothing Closet.

     Internet safety is something we take seriously at Lealman.  While on campus we take every precaution to instill in your student the importance of making good choices when going on-line.  But, what about when they use the Internet away from campus?  The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has a great website for children and parents, too.  There are tips and timely topics that parents and guardians have access to that will help provide you with additional information on keeping your child safe on the Internet. To access this site go to:


    Commitment to Character Word of the Month


    Skyview is proud to be a part of Commitment to Character.  Every month a character word will be featured; each teacher in the school picks one student that month who best exemplifies the character word in their actions for that month.  Character Award Winner names are displayed on classroom doors and students receive certificates on WSKY morning show.  Literature is also shared with students to help them understand what the character trait looks like in their classrooms and at Skyview.

     Respect is our character word for the month of August.  Respect means treating yourself and others with courtesy and consideration.  Ways to show respect include being a good listener when others are speaking.  Waiting your turn in a game or in line.  When you treat others with respect, they will treat you the same. 

    Policy against Bullying and Harassment

    In response to the following state law, the Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up for all Students Act, the School Board has a policy that prohibits bullying and harassment. The policy ensures that all students, employees, and volunteers learn and work in an environment that is safe, secure, and free from harassment and bullying of any kind. Florida is now one of 32 states with a law regarding bullying in schools.

    Skyview Elementary  is committed to providing a safe learning environment and will not tolerate bullying or harassment of any kind. We have processes in place for students to report incidents on campus. However, should you need to report an incident; you may take the following steps:

     · Contact administration through the front office- 547-7857

    Enter issues on the county web site at

    Call the Campus Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-873-8477.

    For more information about the policy or bullying prevention and intervention visit the Safe and Drug Free Schools’ website at To learn more about bullying and find out what adults can do to help prevent it, visit the Stop Bullying Now website at


    We are in need of VOLUNTEERS

    GOAL:  All Families will Volunteer 20 Hours

    ¨ Cut out shapes for projects

    ¨ Mentor children

    ¨ Library help – we need volunteers every day in our library. Our special library helpers sort and put away books, check out/in books, enter books into our online library, etc.

    ¨ PTA and/or SAC meetings/projects.

    ¨ Field trip planning and chaperoning

    ¨ Outdoor Garden

    ¨ Reading with Eagles

    ¨ Trunk or Treat


    Volunteering can be as little or as much time as you can spare.  Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!


     Feel free to call or email  Bianca Melendez

    with questions at 727-547-7857 or



    Important Attendance Information

    Attend Today: Achieve Tomorrow

    Goal Four: Attend Today: Achieve Tomorrow: All students will be on time and at school every day unless running  a fever or throwing-up: our attendance goal is an average student daily attendance of 95%. The Eagle Team staff have planned many incentives for our Eagles who are on time and at school each and every day. You don’t want your child to miss out on their instruction!


     Student Dress Code

    Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for school each day.  Page 38 of the Student Code of Conduct outlines appropriate dress and consequences for non compliance.


    Cafeteria News

    Every Skyview student will receive breakfast and lunch at no charge.  You will not need to fill out a lunch form to qualify for free or reduced lunch.  Students who are eating breakfast at school may arrive as early as 8:00 but must go directly to the cafeteria.  If your child is a car-rider, bike-rider or walker and arrives to the cafeteria after 8:25, they will miss out on breakfast.

    Please make plans for your child to arrive early enough to receive breakfast and not be late for class.  8:00-8:15 is the best time for NON bus riders to arrive.


Reading with MyOn

  •                                                                          Reading with MyOn

    Benefits: No 2 students have same book shelf, access 24/7, use on multiple devices, students see their data, built in reading scaffolds & support, teachers/administrators can see what students do, Capstone Press + 60 other publishers, PreK-12, Spanish & Bilingual, Interest Inventory & Placement Exam to determine Lexile range. Student has a “Dash Board” to place selected books. Teacher may assign books for student to read. Over 10,000 books available.
    46 Min webinar
    # 14 Student Log On (Tool bar, Audio available, zoom, Dictionary, Highlighter/sticky notes, Journal)
    # 23 Assessments for students
    # 27 Teachers/Get started before end of school year
    # 31 How to Log on
    # 33 Summer Reading List Information

    Educator Resources
    U= Pinellas
    P= myon (lower case)
    This is a shared login for all schools.
    Letters to send home, Instructions on how to make projects for your students, labels, tutorials, Quick Reference Card, etc.

    Tech Support 
    Log in issues      (888) 728-1266
    Compatibility Issues
    Functionality Issues

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