Pinellas Gulf Coast Academy

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  • Welcome to Pinellas Gulf Coast Academy! We’re so glad you’ve made the choice to attend PGCA and take charge of your education!

    The mindset of our professional and caring staff is to do whatever it takes for student success. Our personalized blended learning model provides students the opportunity to complete coursework through both online and teacher directed instruction. Every student's graduation plan is updated, monitored and celebrated throughout the student’s time spent at PGCA.

    We also offer the optional 18 credit graduation diploma and our counselor will provide additional information to interested students.

    Both credit accrual and recovery course options are available to students. With the option of two daily sessions, students may choose the best that fits their personal needs:

    Session I – 6:59 am-12:18 pm, Session II- 12:19 pm-6:00 pm. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is available to all students.

    We have been designated a Title I school and this provides us the resources we need to help us help our students experience greater academic success. Together in partnership with our parents and guardians, greater academic success will be a reality.  We encourage you to be involved at PGCA and look forward to working with you this year!



    Bonnie Solinsky, Principal

School Info

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    "Graduation is closer than you think!"

    Principal: Bonnie Solinsky

    Assistant Principal: Lenethe Walker-Cowart

    Grade levels: 10-12 

    Office hours: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

    Location: 1197 East Bay Drive Largo, FL 33770

    Phone: (727) 474-8836

    Fax: (727) 581-9557


    Students throughout the district can apply to Pinellas Gulf Coast Academy year round. In addition, school counselors or administrators may refer students to the school. Students and families may also inquire about the school without being referred.



    Enrolled session one students who live in Largo or Pinellas Park High School attendance zones are eligible for district school bus transportation.

    Enrolled session two students who live beyond the 2 mile radius of the school are eligible for bus passes to ride PSTA to school.



    Students at Pinellas Gulf Coast Academy are expected to be in school uniform when on campus.  Students may wear pants, shorts, or skirts in solid black or khaki colors; short or long sleeve polo shirt with collar in solid black, white, or gray colors; sweater or sweatshirt without hood in solid black, white, or gray colors; and closed toe shoes or sneakers. Flip-flops, slides, shoes without heel straps, slippers, and hats are not permitted.



    Pinellas Gulf Coast Academy is an accredited Mid County educational option for students who wish to catch up or accelerate their academic requirements for graduation. Our blended instructional model consists of both online and teacher directed instruction. Coursework is mastery based which gives students an opportunity to complete credits at an individualized and often accelerated pace.