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Classroom Partnerships

  • Thank you to the following families and business for partnering with our classrooms for continued student success.



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Online Payments

  • Online Payments

Peachjar eflyers

  • Peachjar eflyers

Parent Involvement


  • Canvas Issues This Morning


    Please be aware that Canvas is having problems across the entire district today. For our myPCS students please use this time to work on Dreambox, iStation, iReady or any other resources you normally use. Please continue to check back on your teachers Canvas page regularly, as hopefully the problem will be resolved sometime this morning. As always thank you for partnering with us here at Gulf Beaches. 


    Friend of Finley


    FSA Testing Info

    As we look ahead to the month of April the windows for state testing and assessment open.  In this window, our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students will be taking the state’s Florida Standards Assessments (FSA).  Our students and teachers are working diligently towards mastering the curriculum standards.  Please join me in supporting their efforts as our students prepare to “Show Us What They Know!”  Your help in making sure your child maintains their attendance by arriving to school on time and prepared to learn will make a world of difference!!!  Just a reminder that students must attend “In Person” to participate in the FSA testing.  Full participation in the FSA is important for your child, our teachers, and school.



    Lunch News

    School Lunch is still provided at no cost to students, but in the past second lunches have been provided at no cost as well. Starting next week students can still get a second lunch if they choose, but will have to pay for the second lunch. Also remind your child that lunch is the entire meal, which includes a drink. If they want only individual items like a milk only, they will need to pay for that since a la cart items are not included in the no cost lunch program. As always if you have any questions or concerns please give us a call at the school         (727)893-2630. Thank you for partnering with us, and the food services department to continue to provide healthy food options for your child daily.


    Important Information


    Gulf Beaches Families,

    Here are the latest updates for the construction and traffic patterns in and around our school campus.


    Starting Monday, 2/1, the Car Circle access will reopen to gain access to Boca Ciega Drive at 82nd Avenue.  Please resume our normal Car Line Patterns for utilizing the Car Circle for student drop off and pickup.    


    I want to “Thank!” everyone for your patience, understanding and helping keep safety our first priority. 


    If you have any questions, please call the school at 727-893-2630.


    FINS UP! And have a great weekend!

    Accreditation Certificate



    Front of School  



    Process to Request a Change of Learning Options for MyPCS Students



    In order to request a change of learning option for your child to return to In Person Schooling, simply call the Front Office during regular business hours between 7:30 am. and 3:30 pm. to have your request processed immediately over the phone. (727)893-2630


    Virtual Concerts from GBEMS

    Please use the following links to access the Winter Concert, and the Veterans Day

    Celebration songs that were recorded at school. Even though we can't be together right

    now, at least we can still enjoy the musical abilities of our very own GBEMS Sharks.

    Winter Concert

    Veteran's Day Celebration



    Innovation Process


    Road Construction Update

    Road Construction




    Robert Kalach Jr. Day


    A Moment with Mr. Kalach

    Please watch the video in the link below for some important information as we prepare to welcome back many students from myPCS instruction to face to face instruction in the next few days. Mr. Kalach has tried to answer questions that you might have in regards to safety and instruction, but if you have questions after viewing this please feel free to contact the office at (727)893-2630.

    Attention! Attention! 
    Food and Nutrition Update

    The new program will  begin on November 2nd and will allow all students to receive free lunch from school. You can certainly still bring your own lunch if you like, but with all the great healthy options at your school cafeteria you might change your mind.



    Not an actual Gulf Beaches Student, this has been a dramatization of learning from home.

    Shark at myPCS

     Are you having tech issues?

    If so here is a list of helpful information.

    1. Did you notify your child's teacher of the issue, and wait for them to respond to you. They might have a fix for you, but will need sometime to be able to respond.

    2. Decide if the issue is with your device or your credentials. The easiest way to do this is to see if you are able to login on another device at home using your child's r2d2 and password, if so it is probably an issue with the school issued device, but if not it might be as simple as us resetting your password for you.

    3. Decide if it is a wifi issue. Check to see that you are connected to your preferred wifi, and that all passwords to use it are entered correctly, you may have lost connectivity if you recently closed your device, and need to rejoin your wifi network. You also may have to reset your wifi, if you have multiple devices logged into it at the same time.

    4. Determine if the charger you are using with your device is the correct one, and that it is plugged in to a working outlet. Do you see any response from the device when you plug it in? Any lights come on, or screen brightness increases.

    5. Determine if you have limited connectivity, or limited tech issues. Meaning you can do some of the assignments from the teacher, but can not do all. If that is the case in the mean time continue to work on the assignments you can. That way you will not fall behind in the other areas you are able to work on currently, it will also give the teacher sometime to respond to see if they can help problem solve for you.

    6. If you are on a laptop and get a message about wrong credentials, or expiring license, unfortunately the only way to fix that is to drive to any public school parking lot, and log the computer in from there, it will force the license information out, and should update the credentials. If that does not work, please call the office to schedule a time to have Mr. Carney meet you to help you get this resolved.


    If you have used the above information and still need assistance, please reach out to us here at Gulf Beaches (727)893-2630, or contact the Pinellas County Schools tech support number (727)588-6060. Thank you.


    In order to help you as quickly as possible please be prepared to provide some information when you contact us. We will need your child's name and teacher's name. What type of device you are using a school issued ipad, or laptop. The 7 digit county tag number off the back of the device. Your child's r2d2 number and their password. Finally we will need to know as specific as possible what the problem is? 

    PCS Covid-19 Info PCS Covid-19 Info Again

    Morning Carcircle Update

    Thank you parents for working hard to get your students to school on time. As always it is great to see students on time to start the day, and eager to learn alongside their classmates. Please remind your child to have their mask on while waiting to unload so they are prepared to move as soon as the door opens. Remember parents to please stay in your car at all times while you drop your child off, it is for every ones safety, and also allows the car circle to flow without the stop and go of getting out of your vehicle. We also want to remind you to please pull all the way forward in the car circle drop off to allow as many kids to unload as possible at a time. As always we have a no cost breakfast available every morning for students and encourage them get some, its good for them, and helps to wake their brains up for learning. Together we can help keep our kids safe, and have them prepared for the day.


    Health and Wellness Protocols

    Please refer to the link above for the most upto date information from

    Pinellas County Schools. By following the guidelines and information

    posted we can all do our part to keep students and staff safe and healthy.


    THe section on Self Screening is especially important to adhere to.


    Every Friday school lunches for the following 5 day school week will be distributed in the carcircle from 9:00AM - 9:45AM for students enrolled in the myPCS program, that would like to participate in the school lunch program at Gulf Beaches. The normal distribution day will be Friday unless there is no school on a certain Friday, and we will communicate that change in day, ahead of time. The lunches will be prepackaged, and we will continue to practice social distancing procedures as we disperse the lunches.





    School Advisory Committee (SAC) Membership Drive


    Parents and Community Members are encouraged to become involved and connected to our school by joining SAC. 

    SAC is a team of stakeholders from various segments of the school community with the responsibility to help student success.  The role of a SAC member is to assist in the preparation and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan (SIP), assist the principal with the school budget, decide how SIP Funds are spent and decide jointly with the school faculty how state recognition funds are spent.


    If you are interested in joining SAC, please contact the school’s Front Office today!


    Medication Drop Off

    If your child has had medication that was stored onsite in the past, you will need to schedule an appointment with Mrs. Messer the school secretary, by calling (727)893-2630 ext. 2005. Please know this is a different process from in the past, and is to continue following safety guidelins put in place for all. Thank you.





    School logo



    The Annual School Financial Report has been posted to the district website. Florida Statutes require each school to make this report available to their parents as soon possible. Please provide the link below within the parent’s page of your school website with a statement that the report is available for their information.


    The report can be found on the district website by following the link below:


    Attention Parents

    Please find time to review the information from the Pinellas County Schools, Student Code of Conduct Page 42. There has been a recent rise in the number of students using digital devices such as cellular phones on campus, and traveling to and from including use on school buses. Together we can help to keep our kids safe, and make sure they are being good digital citizens. We also encourage you to talk to your child and ask what apps they are using for their own entertainment purposes. While we take great pride in teaching our students digital citizenship sometimes popular apps can encourage confusion to our digital citizenship teaching snapchat, tik tok, instagram, facebook, twitter, etc.


    Pinellas County Schools Code of Conduct


    Page 42 Pinellas County Code of Conduct




    Important Announcement

    Travel to School Safety Issues

    Please use this link to report unsafe conditions and/or concerns for your trip to school.



    Super News

    We are an A+ School

    Great job students, staff, and parents. With all of us partnering together and working hard, our school has been recognized as an A+ school, by the Department of Education in Florida. This is a huge accomplishment, so make sure you celebrate your success. This can only be accomplished by everyone working together toward a common goal, our student's success. As always, thank you for partnering with us.

    Please use this link to find out how you can join PTA.

    Join PTA

    Healthy Snacks On The Menu

    Free App Available from to view the nutrient content of meals served.

    ****Gulf Beaches Elementary Magnet School will require that all foods and beverages sold, served,

    and offered during the school day, and the extended school day, meet Smart Snack's guidelines. 



    Carcircle Pick-up and Drop-off Map

    Please refer to the map below to see the flow of our car circle in the morning and afternoon. Remember the safety of everyone is our number one concern, and with your help following this traffic flow we can make sure that everyone is safe. 






    Updating Parent Contact Information

    Contact Info




    Important tips for navigating our site:

    • Visit our calendar for upcoming events! The link is located on the left hand side of this page in the Upcoming Events block.
    • Scroll down the page to see our Announcements, Spotlight, and Mission tabs! They contain very important information.
    • Don't see what you are looking for? Still have questions? Please click on the "Contact" button at the top of this page to send an e-mail to Mr. Carney. He will address your request as soon as possible.


  • Active Assailant Information

    Please know that your child's health and safety is our number one concern here at Gulf Beaches Elementary School, and throughout the Pinellas County School System. In order to help keep your child safe the school system has now put into place safety protocol, including drills to be prepared if we ever had an active assailant on campus, or in the surrounding neighborhood. Please understand that these plans were created by the school system and local law enforcement agencies working side by side. Please use the link below to be directed to the PCS Safety and Security webpage, there you will find the video which will be shared with all staff throughout Pinellas County Schools. Please contact your child's teacher if you have further questions or concerns.

    PCS District Safety and Security PCS Safety Page


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  • Bullying/Harassment

    Parents and Students,

    If you have any concerns about bullying and/or harrassment, you can report an issue at anytime by going to

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  • School Financial Report

    The Annual School Financial Report has been posted to the district website. Florida Statutes require each school to distribute this report to their parents as soon as possible.

    Visit to view the reports.

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  •  *Safety Concern: Our campus is not open to students until 8:15 am, unless your child attends a pre-approved morning club or meeting. The YMCA is available, on-site, at a cost. Students are not to be dropped off for school in the front parking lot. Students who arrive after 8:45 am must be walked into the front office by an adult and signed in.

    *In order to preserve student learning time, breakfast will not be served after 8:35 am. Students are expected to be present in classes no later than 8:45 am.

    *Traffic Reminders:
    Corey Causeway Bridge Opening Schedule:
    8 am. to 7 pm. On the hour and at every 20 minutes past the hour
    Please adhere to all posted speed and STOP signs especially at peak arrival and dismissal times.

    *The GBEMS School Advisory Council has created a Magnet Agreement. This agreement is signed by all students and families each school year and the specified terms will be upheld. Please visit the SAC page for more information and to view the forms.

    *Gulf Beaches Elementary Magnet School Car Magnets are on sale through the PTA in the Front Office. They are $3.00 each and look exactly like the circular logo at the top of this page. If you are interested in purchasing one, please visit the office. Please pay using cash and exact change only as we cannot make change. Thank you.

    *Please send in Box Tops, Campbell's Soup Labels and Coke Rewards with your students as you collect them. These are a great way for us to earn money for our school!

Our Mission

  • The mission of Gulf Beaches Elementary Magnet School is to educate and prepare each student for college, career, and life.