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    School Information 
    Location: 8600 Boca Ciega Drive, St. Petersburg, FL 33706
    Hours: 8:45 am - 2:55 pm
    Phone Number: (727) 893-2630
    Grades: Kindergarten through Fifth
    Principal: Robert Kalach

    School Financial Report

    The Annual School Financial Report has been posted to the district website. Florida Statutes require each school to distribute this report to their parents as soon as possible.

    Visit https://www.pcsb.org/Page/2949 to view the reports.


    Uniform Policy

    Uniforms are mandatory at Gulf Beaches Elementary Magnet School.
    Boys and girls must wear collared shirts. The color choices are navy blue, forest green and white.
    Boys and girls must wear khaki bottoms. Shorts are permitted. Girls may wear jumpers and skirts.
    School spirit shirts may only be worn on Fridays or on uniform optional days. 
    To view all options, please play the video below.