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  • Packer   NEHS Book Drive

    The National English Honor Society is partnering with our PTSA for a Book Drive scheduled for  January 20-26, which is also Celebrate Literacy Week.

    We are accepting gently used books for all ages.  We will donate the books to various organizations including LHS National Art Society’s Free Little Libraries, patients at Florida Cancer Specialists, and residents at the Homeless Empowerment Project. 

     THANK YOU and NEHS APPRECIATES YOU!     Book Drive Flyer


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  • Packer PMAC Bracelets

    PMAC (Principal's Multicultural Advisory Committee) is selling bracelets!  We sell small, medium, and large-Only $5.00 each (student made and great quality)-If you are able to, please help support us and show your school spirit through our Largo colors! 😊 I am selling them throughout the week in room 1-157.  Thanks so much in advance for your support!!!

    Erika White, PMAC Sponsor

    PMAC Bracelets

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  • Packer


    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  To insure every student has the opportunity to eat breakfast, Pinellas County Schools offers breakfast at no charge to all students.  At Largo High School, Angie Heet, our cafeteria manager, and her team offer hot breakfasts up to 7:05 each day.  These meals are served in our cafeteria and vary by day.  Start the day with Bacon, Ed & Cheese Pitas; Chicken Biscuit; Oatmeal or Grits with Sausage; Apple Cinnamon Texas Toast or a Ham & Cheese Croissant!

    Plus, vending machines dispense bundled breakfast packages which contain an Otis Spunkmeyer Chocolate muffin, Otis Spunkmeyer Blueberry muffin, or a Kelloggs Pop-Tart; ice cold milk or chocolate milk; fresh fruit or dried Cranraisins; and orange, apple or grape juice.  These breakfast packages are dispensed freely up to 7:05 and between classes until 9:45 each day.

    To see what is offered, please see the breakfast/lunch menu posted below.  Next to the numbered date is the breakfast meal. 

    August 2017

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  • Packer Cold & Flu Season

    We are entering the time of year when we see influenza (flu) and other respiratory viruses at school. We want to let you know what steps we are taking to keep our school community healthy and how you can help.

    Respiratory infections, such as the flu and common colds (colds), are spread when people come in close contact with sick people and inhale airborne droplets, or come in contact with contaminated surfaces. Flu and colds symptoms can sometimes be difficult to tell them apart, but consider this:




    How it begins





    Mild to moderate



    None to mild aches

    Stuffy, runny nose







    None to high grade

    None to low grade



    Earache/Sinus infection

    If symptoms persist or worsen, make an appointment with your healthcare provider to be evaluated. The flu can be serious for children of all ages, causing them to miss school, activities, or even be hospitalized.

    We take the health of our students seriously and work very hard to keep these viruses from spreading.   We regularly clean frequently touched areas such as door knobs, stair rails, telephones, computer keyboards, and bathroom faucets and fixtures. We also instruct students and staff to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Take 3 approach to fight the flu:

    • Get the flu vaccine every year
    • Take everyday preventative actions to stop the spread of germs:
    • Wash hands often with soap and water, or use alcohol-based hand sanitizers when soap and water are not available,
    • Cover coughs with a disposable tissue or cough into their sleeve,
    • Avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth,
    • Avoid close contact with sick individuals,
    • Avoid sharing cups and eating utensils, and
    • Stay home when sick.
    • Take flu antiviral drugs if your healthcare provider prescribes them

    You can help us maintain a healthy school environment in a variety of ways:

    • Make sure your children receive all recommended immunizations, including an annual flu vaccine,
    • Reinforce all of the above preventive behaviors practiced at school,
    • Make sure children get plenty of exercise, sleep, and healthy food, and
    • Keep sick children home, especially if they have a fever above 100o F, diarrhea, vomiting, or a severe cough.

    Please note that any student with a fever must stay home from school for at least 24 hours after the fever is gone without the use of fever-reducing medicines.

    If you have any questions, please contact your school nurse. Together we can have a healthy winter and spring!

    Versión en Español


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  • Packer

    Credit Recovery

    Scholars who have received a failing grade or a "D" grade in a course may recover the credit and receive forgiveness for the poor grade.  This option is available in many courses taught at Largo.  Upon completion of Credit Recovery, the new grade will replace the old grade and will boost a scholar's grade point average.  Credit Recovery is a online, school-based, after school program at no cost.  Students work at their own pace.  Please contact Mrs. Tammy Proctor in room 2-244 before school or email her at for a registration form.  Classes are Monday - Thursday (no Fridays) from 2:30 to 4:30.  Classes start on August 14.  Please don't let a poor grade point average prevent you from graduating or losing acceptance to your choice university.  Register today!


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  • Little Packer Preschool

    Little Packer Preschool

    Opening 2017-2018 School Year.  Little Packers Employee and Community Preschool.  For more information, visit  To register, stop by the school office.  Opens August 1st!


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  • Packer

    Leaving School Early

    Recently, we had several students walking off campus without acquiring permission to leave school.  County policy mandates that a student must have permission from the school to leave campus. 

    At Largo High School, students are required to get permission to leave campus through the front desk.  There are no excuses for not following this policy.

    Parent, guardian or authorized person may (name listed in Focus)...

    • Call - may release your child by calling Mrs. Brock at 727-588-3758 x2000
    • Email or Write a Note - may write a note to Mrs. Brock ( which should include
      • the student's legal full name (first and last)
      • parent name
      • parent contact number
      • date of release and time 

    Students will receive a Permit to Leave (PTL) which is proof of leaving campus legally.  Students should write their name clearly on the log indicating time of departure as log entries are used to modify attendance. 

    Students not following policy may face disciplinary actions.


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  • Packer 2018 Summer Driver Education

    registration starts online in February

    Pinellas County Schools will offer a free driver education camp this summer.  There will be one session that will include both public and private school students at no cost to families.  The session is scheduled from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.  The camp is open to residents of Pinellas County. High school graduates will not be accepted.

    Students will register online starting Feb.  5 - 12, 2018. The online application can be accessed on the Pinellas County Schools website. Students will be selected for the Summer Driver’s Education Program through a lottery process. Every student who registers online between 12 a.m., Feb. 5 and 11:59 p.m., Feb. 12 will have the same chances of being selected. Applications will not be accepted at the school sites. Students will be notified of their placement via email starting Feb. 19.  Students must accept their spot by 11:59 p.m.,  March 2, 2018, for summer driver’s camp by emailing the contact person on the confirmation email they will receive by Feb. 19, 2018.

    (10) Day Session        May 29, 30, 31, June 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12

                                        7:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.

    • Students must be at least 15 years old and must have a learner’s permit or operator’s license when the session begins.
    • Two absences result in an automatic withdrawal from the course.
    • There is a 40 student maximum per site.


    Choose School Site

    Boca Ciega HS                          Clearwater HS                                            

    Countryside HS                         Dunedin HS                                                 

    East Lake HS                            Lakewood HS                                              

    Northeast HS                            Osceola HS                                              

    Pinellas Park HSl                       St. Petersburg HS                                      

    Important dates reminder

    Feb. 5-12, 2018: Summer Driver’s Education Program application available online at The link to the application will not be available until Feb. 5, 2018.

    Feb. 19, 2018: Students notified via email of selection.

    March 2, 2018: Students must accept their spot by emailing the contact person on the confirmation email.

    Posted in PCSB's Weekly Employee Update.

    Drivers education photo


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  • Packer Understanding Your PSAT/NMSQT Scores

    When parents go to this page there is a short video that is less than 3 minutes that will help them understand what the results include.  Additionally, there is narrative information about how the score is calculated and making sense of all the numbers on the score report. 

    Understanding Your PSAT/NMSQT Scores

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  • Packer

    Yahoo Block

    Yahoo, a popular search engine and email service is being blocked by Pinellas County Schools as a result of a continued filtering issue which has allowed restricted images from coming through to our servers. 

    PCSB has begun the process of blocking Yahoo accounts from coming into our server.  At this time their seach engine is blocked and accessing Yahoo mail from school computers is blocked.  Very soon email coming into the school will be blocked too.  If you have an email address that you communicate with to the school, please consider chaniging services. 


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  • Packer

    If you experience any issues with this site or find errors, please email Debbie Howard at
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    School Hours & Location

    School offices are open from 6:45 to 2:45 Monday - Friday.

    Our campus is located at 410 Missouri Avenue in Largo

    School Phone: (727) 588-3758

    School FAX:  (727) 588-4037



    Administrative Offices (Revised: 08/07/17)  

    All students in Exploring Careers & Education in Leadership (ExCEL)  

         All calls (727) 588-4622

         Joshua Wolfenden, Assistant Principal

         Samantha Fitzjarrald, ExCEL Counselor

         Deb Howard, ExCEL Secretary


    All students in International Baccalaureate (IB)   

         All calls (727) 588-3758 ext. 2103

         Alec Liem, Assistant Principal

          Caiti Wolfe, Guidance Counselor

         Tiffiny Outlaw, Office Clerk


    Last names starting with A through I

         All calls (727) 588-3758 ext. 2102

         Jonathan Marina, Assistant Principal

         Katelyn Pellin, Guidance Counselor

         Kenisha Merricks, Office Clerk


    Last names starting J through MA 

         All calls (727) 588-3758  ext. 2103    

         Alec Liem, Assistant Principal

          Caiti Wolfe, Guidance Counselor

         Tiffiny Outlaw, Office Clerk


    Last names Mb through Z

         All calls (727) 588-3758  ext. 2100

         Linda Ray, Assistant Principal

         Lauren Poggiali, Guidance Counselor

         Marchelle Janeda, Office Clerk