• Bright Futures

    Samantha Fitzjarrald Emailis the designated contact for all Largo High School Students for Bright Futures. 

    BEFORE volunteering for hours, students must complete and have the paperwork approved.  All hours that students volunteer prior to completing the mandated documentation will not count toward Bright Futures.

    Two web sites have information on Bright Futures.  First is Pinellas County School Board's web page under Community Service.  This page has step-by-step information on how to acquire the necessary hours.  It also lists many local agencies where students may earn Bright Futures hours. (bottom of page)

    The second site is Florida's Bright Futures web page.  This is a great site to help guide one through the process.

    Here are the documents needed for all Largo High School students to start the process: 


    arrow Bright Futures Packet 2017 LHS