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    Athletic Director:  Jim Casey, caseyj@pcsb.org  727-588-3758 x2312
    Participation Forms & Insurance Links
    Access the forms and insurance link by visiting the PCSB site, Extracurricular Activities & AthleticsParticipation Form is on the links on left side of page.  This multi-page form requires students to have part of it completed by a doctor and notarized. 
    LHS has four notaries that provide their services at no charge to parents.  They are: 
    • Deb Howard, ExCEL Secretary
    • Judi Jordan, Principal's Secretary
    • Michelle Parcel, Sr. DMT
    • Eileen Kelly-Pettit, LHS Bookkeeper

    A parent/guardian must be present to have the form notarized (State Law).  Please bring photo identification. 

    School insurance is mandated for all students who will be participating in any sport (click here).  This insurance is mandatory - even if the parent has the student covered under his/her own insurance plan.  This ensures all of our students have at least the minimal coverage.