Largo High School

Selecting Courses at Largo High School 
The following are the Course Requests Sheets for students to complete to select courses for the following year.  These are worksheets that the guidance counselors use to create the student's schedule.  Consider it a form of a contract.  Take time to carefully select possible courses in the order of preference.  Sometimes, your last choice is the only option that will work when creating a schedule.  These courses may be modified up to March 10, 2017.
Please email the completed course requests to your guidance counselor.  (updated 2/17/17)
 ExCEL Icon      ExCEL Worksheets:
IB Course Request Forms: See Counselor, Caiti Wolfe
Elective Options:
  • Video on Career Academies of Seminole (off campus elective) : 
  • This option takes up 2 periods within your schedule (full year)