School Wide Policies

  • 1. Electronics: Need to be off and away upon entering of the classroom. May only be used for instructional purposes with teacher permission. Earbuds must be away during class time as well. Students may use their electronic devices before and after school, during class change and during lunch time.  Only one earbud will be allowed in the hallways to be able to hear an emergency announcements.
    Failure to comply will result in a parent contact your device may be confiscated by administration.

    2. Dress Code: No mid-riffs, no spaghetti straps or halter tops, pants must be worn at the waist.  Clothing that promotes or displays vulgarity, drugs, alcohol, weapons,  or violence are not permitted. Lighters are not permitted at any time and will be confiscated.
    Failure to follow dress code will result in removal from class and placement into ISS until a change of clothes occurs. 

    3. Five Minute Tardy Rule: No students will be admitted into class without a pass 5 minutes after the start of each class period. After the 5 minutes hallways will be swept and scholars will be taken to ISS for the remainder of the period and will be expected to complete work. 
    Failure to comply will result in additional consequences.

    4. Gates: For the safety and security of our campus, gates are to remain closed at ALL times unless opened and supervised by an adult. 
    Anyone caught opening a gate to let another scholar in will be automatically assigned 2 days ABS.

    5. Dunkin Donuts/Chik-fil-A/McDonald's/Starbucks, etc: After 7:25 Dunkin Donuts (and other outside food and beverages) will NOT be allowed on campus. Any scholar attempting to bring it on campus after that time will be required to discard the items.