Tech Issues

  • Are you having tech issues?

    If so here is a list of helpful information.

    1. Did you notify your child's teacher of the issue, and wait for them to respond to you. They might have a fix for you, but will need sometime to be able to respond.

    2. Decide if the issue is with your device or your credentials. The easiest way to do this is to see if you are able to login on another device at home using your child's r2d2 and password, if so it is probably an issue with the school issued device, but if not it might be as simple as us resetting your password for you.

    3. Decide if it is a wifi issue. Check to see that you are connected to your preferred wifi, and that all passwords to use it are entered correctly, you may have lost connectivity if you recently closed your device, and need to rejoin your wifi network. You also may have to reset your wifi, if you have multiple devices logged into it at the same time.

    4. Determine if the charger you are using with your device is the correct one, and that it is plugged in to a working outlet. Do you see any response from the device when you plug it in? Any lights come on, or screen brightness increases.

    5. Determine if you have limited connectivity, or limited tech issues. Meaning you can do some of the assignments from the teacher, but can not do all. If that is the case in the mean time continue to work on the assignments you can. That way you will not fall behind in the other areas you are able to work on currently, it will also give the teacher sometime to respond to see if they can help problem solve for you.

    6. If you are on a laptop and get a message about wrong credentials, or expiring license, unfortunately the only way to fix that is to drive to any public school parking lot, and log the computer in from there, it will force the license information out, and should update the credentials. If that does not work, please call the office to schedule a time to have Mr. Carney meet you to help you get this resolved.

    If you have used the above information and still need assistance, please reach out to us here at Gulf Beaches (727)893-2630, or contact the Pinellas County Schools tech support number (727)588-6060. Thank you.

    In order to help you as quickly as possible please be prepared to provide some information when you contact us. We will need your child's name and teacher's name. What type of device you are using a school issued ipad, or laptop. The 7 digit county tag number off the back of the device. Your child's r2d2 number and their password. Finally we will need to know as specific as possible what the problem is?