• Get Involved

    How to Help Your Child


    * Read with your child daily, at least 30 mins/day

    * Make sure your child gets plenty of rest each night
    * Send your child to school on time every day

    * Try not to schedule appointments for your child during the school day


    Parents and Students Share

    Be a Volunteer

    Volunteers are making a difference! Every volunteer has a special motivation for volunteering-making friends, keeping active, giving back to the community and just feeling good about themselves. No matter your age, experience or background, if you have a desire to work with children - you can be a volunteer, too. People of all ages are becoming involved in educational programs in Pinellas County Schools. Everyone’s talents are needed. This is why it is so important for you to get involved and become a volunteer for as little as an hour a week.


    Learners Enjoy Books

    Get Involved!

    The retiree who reads to a young person may spark an interest or love of reading. The business partner who leads a tour of a workplace or teaches math or computer skills expands the classroom walls and prepares students for a world of possibilities. Volunteers are also needed to provide an extra pair of hands by working as classroom assistants, office/clerical assistants, computer aides, chaperones and library helpers.

    The first step is to call our volunteer coordinator at 547-7857. Within a week or two you’ll be on your way to making a difference in a child’s life.


    Fire Truck Visits Skyview

    PTA/School Advisory Council

    Skyview Elementary has an active Parent Teacher Association(PTA) and School Advisory Council (SAC). Please join the Parent Teacher Association. Your support will help the PTA provide additional resources for Skyview Elementary. Our SAC provides information about school and district issues.

    For more information about PTA or SAC, please call Mrs. Hamm at 547-7857.