Art Show Winners

  • Art with Mrs. Bivens


    Congratulations to these students who are respresenting Skyview with their artwork  in the District Administration Building


    Student     Title of Work    
    Cassio Costa   Winter Cardinal    
    Landon Gotshall   Paintbrush Splatter    
    Kendal Lovan   Pigeon Dreams Of His Teddy Bears    
    Olivia Nguyen   Cardinal Of The Mountains    
    Aiyana Reckley   Depths In Fathoms And Feet    
    Jazlin Sinnavong   Rainbow Cow    
    Leland Spiker   Paintbrushes    
    Jazlyne Tain   Circles    
    Aubrianna Van Epps   Seahorse Map    
    Payton Wheeler   Moo Cow    
  • Art Program

    Art - vital role in education and thinking

    Grade 5 Grade 5 "Aluminum Tooling"

    Art introduces students to ways of thinking based on imagination and judgment. At Skyview, student begin to see the world through the eyes of an artist and develop critical thinking skills that will last a lifetime.
    Grade 5.1 Grade 5 "Aluminum Tooling"

    Display locations for Skyview student work:
    Channel 14 throughout the school year
    Mainsail Art Festival
    Largo Administration Building
    Gulf Coast Museum of Art
    Grade 4 Grade 4 "Cubes with Art History"

    Display locations for Skyview student work:
    Administration Annual Exhibit
    Skyview Elementary Office
    St. Petersburg Arts Center
    Grade 4.1 Grade 4 "Cubes with Art History"

    Skyview Arts Program Includes:
    Symmetrical designs
    Gesture figure drawings
    Geometric and freeform shapes
    Grade 3.1 Grade 3 "Clay Animals"

    Skyview Arts Program Includes:
    Directions of lines and patterns
    2 & 3 Dimentional drawing
    Collages (clown & penguin)
    Grade 3 Grade 3 "Clay Animals"

    Skyview Arts Program Includes:
    Painting & Clay Sculpture
    Warm & Cool colors with a weaving "twist"
    Still life drawings
    Grade 2.1 Grade 2 "Circus Clowns & Acrobats"
    Examples of PCS student art work
    Grade 2 Grade 2 "Circus Clowns & Acrobats"
    The Artist's Toolkit
    Grade 1.1 Grade 1 "Mouse Paint"
    Art Timeline by students
    Grade 1 Grade 1 "Mouse Paint"
    SmartKids Interactive Site
    GradeK Grade K "Watercolor Magical Bird"
    National Gallery of Art Kid's Page
    Grade K.1 Grade K "Watercolor Magical Bird"
    Art Dictionary