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    August 13, 2018


    Parents and Families of our Skyview Eagle Students,

    Welcome to our 2018-2019 school year of Eagles Earning Excellence!

    Congratulations to your Eagle students on a school grade of a B increasing our existing B by 20% points.

    School hours are 8:45-2:45pm. Gates will open at 8:00am for breakfast. Breakfast will be served from 8-8:30am. Students in grades Pre-K to Second grade will eat breakfast in the Eagle café. Students in Third-Fifth Grade will eat breakfast outside their classroom. Teachers will invite students into their classes at 8:25am.

    Parents may drop off and pick up their students at Kindergarten car circle on 60th St. N. (only Kindergarten students) or at 86th Ave. (Kindergarten siblings, 1st-5th graders) Car Circle. Walkers, bikers, etc. enter/dismiss through the 86th Ave. gate. The front Eagle gate on 60th St. N will be open on Monday, August 13th until Wednesday, August 15th. After August 15th only the two gates; one on 60th St. N and the other on 86th Ave. will be open. Parents may walk their child to their classes Monday, August 13th until Wednesday, August 15th. On Thursday, August 16th parents may not enter campus.

    This year at Skyview per the Jessica Lundsford Act if a parent has a need to enter our campus they must go through badge pass and be escorted by an administrator or our school police officer. Parents may not eat breakfast or lunch with their child in our café or on campus but can check their child out at lunch time and eat at a picnic table adjacent to our campus. Parents may not invite other children to eat lunch with their child. Birthday celebrations with cupcakes, etc. are permitted but parents may not attend. We will deliver the birthday treats for your child to their class. Thank you for teaming with us to make safety our priority and learning our focus at Skyview Elementary for each and every Eagle student.

    We welcome our two new Eagle Team Staff members. Mrs. Barbara Maceda is our Café Manager and Officer Marc Luginbill is our school police officer.

    Attend Today…Achieve Today! Attendance is a number one priority at Skyview. Please have your child at school and on time each and every day. Please make appointments after school hours. No child pick-ups after 2:30pm. It disturbs our Eagles’ teaching and learning and takes the teacher away from instruction.

    All Eagle students have homework every night. Every Eagle student reads for 30 minutes or more every night. All Eagle students will bring home agendas each day; please read and sign daily. It’s your two- way communication between home and school.

    Let’s make this a great Eagles’ year at Skyview of Eagles Earning Excellence!

    Love wins, Mrs. Suzanne Hester

Supplies List

  • Dear Parents/Guardian,

    Welcome to school. The following items are materials that each student needs for the new school year 2018-2019, KG-Grade 5. Please keep in mind that some of these supplies will need to be replaced, required more during the year in order to complete homework assignments. Please label all supplies with the child's name.

    We look forward to working with your children next school year.

    Eagles Team.

                                        SUGGESTED SUPPLY LIST ( KG - Grade 5, please scroll down to check)

    I. Kindergarden

    1. Glue Sticks

    2. Tissues

    3. Hand soap

    4. Hand sanitizer

    5. Baby wipes

    6. Clorox wipes

    7. Headphone

    8. Backpack (full size with no wheel)


    II. First Grade

    1. Two pack of #2 pencils (Ticonderoga or USA made preferred)

    2. Two boxes of crayons ( 16 or 24 count)

    3. One pair of Fiskards type metal scissors

    4. One pack of Pink Pearl Erasers or One pack of pencil top erasers

    5. Two plastic folders with 2 pockets and 3 prongs

    6. One large box of Kneelex

    7. Four or five glue sticks ( no white glue bottles)

    8. One plastic school supply box ( 8.6 x 5.8 inches size only please)

    9. One pack of Expo Dry eraser markers ( for students use)

    10. Waterless hand sanitizer ( no personal size bottles please)

    11. One inch durable hardcover binder ( cannot bee any larger than 1 inch)

    12. One set of ear buds or headphones ( to be used in computer lab and classroom)

    13. One backpack ( no wheels)

                     ----Wish list----

    * Clorox cleaning wipes

    * Roll pf paper towel

    * Extra Kleenex

    * Ziploc bags ( 2.5 gallon size for book baggies)

    * Band - aids

    * Extra waterless hand sanitizer

    * Hand soap

    * Extra glue sticks

    * Extra dry erase markers

    * Ream of colored paper


    III. Second Grade

    1. One inch, 3 ring binder

    2. Two folders with pockets ( no prongs in them)

    3. Four black and white composition books

    4. 1 box tissues

    5. 1 ream copy paper

    6. Earbuds of headphones

    7. 1 package of sheet protectors

    8. 1 plastic pencil box

    9. 4 pack plain yellow pet

    10. 1 pack colored pencils

    11. Eight glue sticks

    12. One pair of scissors

    13. One box of crayons

    14. One package of 3x3 post-it

    15. One box of band-aids


    Girls: 1 bottle liquid hand soap + 1 box gallon ziploc bags

    Boys: 1 bottle hand sanitizer + 1 box of quarter-sized ziploc bags


     IV. Third Grade

    1- One backpack ( no wheels)

    2- Two 1.5 inches - 3 ring binder ( heavy duty)

    3- Four packages of #2 pencils ( Ticonderoga brand pecils recommended)

    5- One pencil or pouch ( no smaller than 4"x8"l)

    6- Two Stretchy book covers ( small/regular size; not jumbo size)

    7- Four glue sticks (large)

    8- One box of crayons or colored pencils ( 24 count limit)

    9-One package of expo markers

    10-Two large boxes of tissues

    11- One bottle of hand sanitizer

    12- Bottle of soap

    13- Two clorox wipe containers

    14- One ziploc gallon-size bags

    15- One ziploc quart-size bags

    16- One pair of person earbuds or headphones for computer use ( optional )


    V. Four Grade

    1. Five composition notebooks

    2. Earbuds

    3. Yellow pencils

    4.  Two inches binder

    5. Four pronged folders: yellow, blue, green, and red if possible

    6. Black-white board dry erase markers

    7. Sheet protectors

    8. Hand sanitizer

    9. Tissues


    VI. Fifth Grade

    1. Two 1" binders ( Dollar Tree is fine)

    2. Pencil pouch

    3. Two pack of yellow #2 pencils ( Ticonderoga)

    4. Twelve glue sticks

    5. 2 bottles of hand sanitizer

    6. Two boxes of tissues




Meet Our Teams

  • Pre K

    1. D. Ballard

    2. E. Harris

    3. D. Owens

    4. C. VanNostrand



    1. K. Haley

    2. J. Rau

    3. J. Vasile

    4. L.Williams


    1st Grade

    1. W. Barlow

    2. S. Durspek

    3. M. Morin

    4. C. Schanck

    5. S. Smith


    2nd Grade

    1. D. Fernald

    2. D. Lopez

    3. C. Malcolm

    4. D. Price

    5. A. Welch


    3rd Grade

    1. T. Baer

    2. B. Brawner

    3. T. Morris

    4. A. Rand

    5. J. Sivon

    6. B. Walpole


    4th Grade

    1. D. Bradwell

    2. M. Cawley

    3. N. Geer

    4. M. Turner

    5. K. Zell


    5th Grade

    1.M. Bearsley

    2. D. Colwell

    3. N. DeCarol

    4. J. Sherman

    5. J. Strawmyer



    1. S. Hester - Principal

    2. K. Hamm - Assist. Principal

    3. T. Cronkite - Sec/Bkp



    1. S. Bivens


    Compliance Diagostician

    1. D. Farias


    Data Management Tech

    1. L. Diaz



    1. O. Agramonte

    2. M. Meditz

    3. L. TranHavens



    1. C. Goosens


    Guidance Counselor

    1. C. Hineline



    1. T. Bradwell



    1. R. Harris

    2. R. Nataraj-Allen



    1. K. Allred


    Occupational Therapist

    1. S. Purcell



    1. M. Luginbill



    1. B. Maceda

    2. L. Beck

    3. N. Bowker

    4. M.Fernandez

    5. E. Liss

    6. J. Tonich

    7. B. Touchton



    1. L. Magda

    2. S. Nichols



    1. J. Kewin

    2. J. Seib

    3. S. Sam

    4. S. Fox


    Physical Theparist Asst

    1. M. Silva


    Plant Operators

    1. R. Huberty

    2. B. Ellwood

    3. A. Leonard

    4. H.Marbet

    5. J.Walker



    1. R. Hoopes


    School Office Clerk

    1. B. Melendez


    Social Worker

    1. R. Hazen



    1. L. Ouimette

    2. K. Beilman


    Teacher Assistant

    1. K. Quay

    2. J. Wheeler


    Title 1- Rti Coach

    1. A. Robles


    Title 1 hourly teacher

    1. M. Barbaccia

    2. L. Garwell-Schick

    3. M. Taylor


    VE-Resource teachers

    1. A. Allen

    2. A. Foster

    3. D. Swope







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