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    As a reminder, Pinellas County Schools and Skyview Elementary use Peachjar to send school information and approved flyers from community organizations digitally. In addition to important school events and information, these flyers contain programs and events offered throughout your community that help your child succeed. After-school sports, local family events, free community programs, and college prep are just a handful of the resources found in our district’s Peachjar emails.

    You can also find all school-approved digital flyers by clicking the Peachjar button on your school’s website homepage. 

    Please make sure you have parent/guardian email addresses associated with your student’s record so you are not missing these important flyers.  The primary contact can keep their email address updated via the Student Reservation System (SRS).  Please visit the front office if you have more than one contact, as additional email addresses need to be added/updated at your child’s school. 

    To ensure smooth delivery of Peachjar flyers, we suggest you add the following address to your email contacts. When you receive your first Peachjar flyer email, be sure to click “always display images.”

    If you have questions about Peachjar, please contact the front office or email Sheila Kane, the PCS District Coordinator at  We look forward to a great school year!

Principal's Message

  •             Dear Parents and Guardians of our Skyview Eagle Students,


                Our positive school culture and environment is built on our Values of Cultivating a High Achieving Team of Eagle LEARNERS through Commitment: Equity with Excellence for ALL, Collaboration: Eagle LEARNING and Cooperation: Eagle TEAMING where we Out Learn our Eagle students through rigorous grade level FL Standard teaching and Learning, Out Love our Eagle students through collaboratively designing and planning student engaging instruction that is culturally relevant for each and every Eagle student and Out Last our Eagle students through creating caring relationships and dynamic Learning Communities where Eagle students become responsible, self-reliant LEARNERS. Our school focus is Skyview Eagles Earning Excellence...Where Children are Empowered through Literacy. The initiatives for a positive school culture and environment will be innovative at the beginning of the school year and possibly longer as we utilize a variety of virtual platforms for the safety of students, staff and families. Our Eagle Team Staff receives a weekly Eagle Team Huddle with current student academic, attendance and behavior data, the weekly professional development plan for next steps toward mastery of grade level FL Standards and school events/activities to enhance student learning. Parents receive weekly call-outs and emails in English, Spanish and Asian languages informing families of school activities/events for the upcoming week and how they can support their child at home and school. School website, Peach Jar, monthly school-wide Newsletters, classroom Newsletters and student agendas provide a two-way communication between home and school with a focus on each and every Eagle student earning grade level FL Standard mastery by the end of the school year. Six virtual/face-to-face Parent Academies are planned for the school year, facilitated by grade level teachers, informing parents (bilingual translators are present) how to support their child's acquisition of grade level FL Standards, culminating with a student grade level musical. Eagle Guidelines for Success are posted throughout the school; all Eagle Team Staff and students know the guidelines by heart and follow them for a positive school culture and learning environment. When students need help in following the Eagle Guidelines for Success, (a conflict or social/emotional problem) there is an Eagle Team Staff member ready and available with a rapid Restorative Practice response. Eagle Team members are trained in helping students work through conflicts and social/emotional problems utilizing affective Restorative Questions helping students resolve problems and successfully return to class.  Eagle Guidelines for Success celebrations occur weekly and monthly. Quarterly, Eagle Honor Medals are awarded to students for academic success and Principal List and Honor Roll students are honored, joined by their parents for fun events, recognizing their academic excellence. Fifth Grade DARE program is vital for our Fifth-Grade students' social/emotional growth in preparation for Middle School. Parents are invited to participate in their Fifth-Grade child's DARE graduation led by the Pinellas Park Police Department. Eagle Honor Showcase Night occurs the last week of school, inviting parents and families to celebrate their child's mastery of grade level FL Standards as they visit their child's classroom, reviewing their child's quality learning products and at the end of the evening, gathering as a whole school to celebrate school-wide Eagle LITERACY success. Wouldn't you love for your child to attend Skyview to master grade level FL Standards with 100% student success.

    On our journey of parenting and teaching for the education of your child.


             Love wins,                                                                                                                                             

           Suzanne Hester                    

             School Principal 


             Nancy Balaj

            School Counselor





Stay informed


    Ensure that you have the correct contact information on file to stay informed about what’s occurring at your child’s school and in the district. Parents and guardians can receive phone calls, as well as opt in for emails and text messages.  Get updated at 


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